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Shenzhen Brugger Garments Co., Ltd. was founded in 2008, the Department of a research and development, marketing, sales, service as one of the branded apparel business enterprises, focusing on its BrooGirl (Brugger) brand women's operational management and market building, The company is composed of four core parts: administrative center, operation center, marketing center and brand management center. Under the guidance of the pragmatic, trustworthy, innovative and win-win core development concept, the team of 13 divisions is rapidly and steadily moving toward excellent enterprises And the goal of innovation benchmarking enterprises step forward.


布鲁格精品女装 实现您心中的公主梦

BrooGirl (Bragg) brand will be persistent, focused on delivering the "life like a princess" core philosophy of life. Dedicated to guiding many women who cherish the princess's dream to realize the long-cherished wish of a princess in their own hearts and to realize the transformation from Cinderella to the princess of attention, this will help the audience to establish princess-like pride and self-confidence.

OEM & ODM orders acceptable. Cotton Hand Towels are soft and durable for daily use, material can be 100% cotton or Cotton & Polyester. Defined by the Usage: Hand Towels, Face Towels, Kids Towels, Hotel Towels, Kitchen Towels, defined by the manufacturing technology can be classified as: Jacquard Towels, Plain color Towels, Yarn-dyed Towels, Satin Towels, Cut Pile Towels, Embroidery Towels, Printed Towels, etc. Defined by the Shape: Square Towels, Rectangle Towels.

Yarn: 10S, 14S, 16S, 21S, 32S, Twistless

Gsm: 350, 450, 500...or customized


Standard Size (cm)

Square Towels

25*25, 30*30, 35*35 cm

Kids Towels

25*50, 30*50 

Face Towels

34*76, 35*75, 35*80 

Cotton Hand Towels

Cotton Hand Towels

Cotton Hand Towels,Cotton Towel,Hand Towel,Turkish Hand Towels

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