Event marketing is still a matter of luck

Success requires three factors: hard work, wisdom, and luck. Like public relations, event marketing, marketing planning, do not work in the peasant field, brain diligent, find the right time, smart planning, but must be a bit of luck. Now let's interpret some well-known marketing cases.

If the gods are on the ground, Mengniu will drink

The Shenzhou-6 manned spacecraft will use the Long March II F-type rocket for launch. The Long March II F-type rocket is a launch vehicle developed on the basis of the Long March 2 E-type "long 2 bundle" rocket. It is the rocket currently used to launch manned spacecraft in China. The reliability index of the Long March II F rocket reached 0.97. If Mengniu catches up with that 0.03, the ending is that Shenzhou 6 is landing. Mengniu "lifts your right hand and cheers for China!" The poster is estimated to be waste paper. Inside the warehouse, it is not for China to succumb to it.

The bid is unsuccessful, Coke will not come

On July 13, 2001 in Moscow, Beijing, China, surpassed the second place in Toronto by 34 votes (56 votes), defeated other competing cities and won the right to host the 2008 Olympic Games. But don't forget, Monte Carlo, September 23, 1993. Beijing lost to Sydney in Australia by two votes (43:45) and passed the 2000 Olympic Games.

History will repeat itself. To really catch up with history in 2001, Coca-Cola will not be able to come out before. “Golden Applause” Coca-Cola Olympic theme commemorative cans are scrapped, congratulations on advertising, and all are abolished. Are you still happy?

Cats and dogs don't eat, the boss can't drink paint

Fuya boss will be peaceful, he is a chemical expert, from the formula, raw materials, production, they all come out, the paint has no poison, their own mental mirror, so at that time, the North Rabbit Consultant Co., Ltd. old rabbit nephew Qin Quanyao and he talked about drinking paint The matter, the actual Jiang Heping did not kill. As a last resort, people don’t drink, advertise, and paint with kittens and puppies to prove that Fuya is healthy and healthy.

I don’t think about it. At the event, the kittens and puppies that I brought with me are not killed, and the staff of the Small Animal Protection Association are on the stage to compete for small animals. Under the circumstances, Jiang Ping, who usually has few words, said "I drink" and drank the bottle paint. Fuya also became famous because the boss drank paint.

The problem is that if the cats and dogs that were changed to piglets or not picky eaters at the time drank the paint, even if they licked it, there would be no market legends about Jiang Heping’s paint.

Wenchuan Earthquake Coke Red China

On May 1st, the Olympics counted down to 100 days; on May 3, the Olympic torch was about to arrive in the mainland, and finally began a national journey. Therefore, Coca-Cola, which has played a lot in sports marketing, played the event planning of “Red China”. First, a creative Olympic short film, a super red carpet with high skyscrapers sensationalized the whole city, and played everywhere in April.

I don't think about May 12, Wenchuan Earthquake, China's national ambiguity, national white grief, love yellow ribbon, May 19-21, is the national day of mourning, how can you go to Coca-Cola to "red China". This time Coca-Cola didn't have a good choice, but luck was not at home this time.

At the beginning of May, the long-term cooperation partner of the North-South Company needed public relations cooperation, the strategy was formulated, the road was straightened out, the relationship was found, and the public relations manuscript was sent to half. On May 12, the Sichuan Wenchuan earthquake, the implementation could only be stopped; North-South has begun to put power on how to analyze, research and develop earthquake public relations strategies, and timely guide relevant customers.

Event marketing is like this. If you are doing things, you will be gambling in the days of Mengniu, Coca-Cola, Fuya, and “Red China”. Therefore, in addition to adequate preparation, the event marketing public relations sometimes meets the point and needs a little bit of luck.