Dr. Shoes: How to identify shoes

[This site - shoes and life] to buy a pair of shoes, how to identify their advantages and disadvantages? Let this website shoes Dr. Weapons: High quality cloth shoes (1) Upper: The quality of the upper fabric is of great importance to the quality of the entire shoe. There are no weaving spots on

What is clothing accessories

Four explanations for garment accessories: The first explanation: Some people say that you pick up a piece of clothing, and besides fabrics and linings, you can say that it is a clothing accessory. This argument is not scientific. In fact, lining is the earliest clothing accessories

IGO&EGO Ladies Grand Opening of Hangzhou Tower

On September 12th, IGO&EGO Women's Clothing Store Co., Ltd. officially opened a store in Hangzhou. Today, the company's latest image exhibition was in front of the audience. Hangzhou Grand B is located in the commercial, cultural and transportation center of Hangzhou City. The martial

Long-sleeved dress with September weather suitable for …

Every day to worry about what to wear, but really do not know what to wear, adults do not know what to wear to work every day, adults do not know how to wear to children, so every day to match, Neddy Bear Children's wear September weather is suitable for wearing clothing, moms do not have to wo

Jewelry and whispers you have to say~

Women love jewellery. Each jewel has its own unique meaning. Women wear gems on them, and gems are always blessing you. Do you understand their greetings? Jade = Guan Ai This unchanging beauty is like the care of a lover at the moment. Although it has been through the

Is the ocean chalcedony fake?

Many players have translated ancient books and found no records. In history, they are unnamed juniors. Looking back at the hype of Hetian jade and jade, it is nothing more than a publicity of the royal royal background and the literary verses of the literati. There is no r

TOMS 2015 autumn and winter new product release, change…

- Breaking the conventional world reformer Do you want to change the world? Do you dare to create new rules of the game? Would you like to join Game Changer in this world? With regard to Game Changer, TOMS will delineate those who are dreaming, full of passion, and willing to work harder and bette