"OFFSIDE offside" to lead the new trend of yo…

The beginning of winter means that the beginning of winter, according to the division of climatology, China will postpone about 20 days until winter. So generally not too cold, but the temperature gradually decreased. When it is sunny and windy, there is often a windy, warm and comfortable October

Introduction to the classification of signage signs

Logo signs I believe that everyone can be seen everywhere in daily life, signage signs Wide range of applications, a wide variety of signs are everywhere, then common signs How many kinds are there? How to classify it? I have a professional understanding of this Xiaobian, and I will share it w

The placement and function of Amethyst Cave

Amethyst Cave is one of the seven treasures of Buddhism. Amethyst caves vary in size and shape, and each has its own characteristics. The original mine of Amethyst Cave is a whole hill-like shape. After mining, it is cut into two, so it is a one-on-one yin and a yang. The

Warm from the winter Jie Milan Lante winter new childre…

This season, inspired by the blizzard of the winter blizzard, the new 2015 Wintergrain series by Jamilantree has been upgraded from simple colors to colorful. Girls Series: playful wind skirt is the protagonist of children's wear girls, colorful costumes, light and soft fabrics and superb beaut

Dadida Tide to take guide - Korean small heavy meat str…

Korean flow of small fresh meat, Dadida trumpet sounded, there are major things to happen 啦 ~ that is a small fresh meat hit! The reason why small fresh meat meat: high value, sweet smile, but also inseparable from the dress! Fake two cotton shirts, not only gentleman and warm, peacock blue s

How beautiful is the Chinese style jewelry? Ancient Chi…

Azure and other rains and I am waiting for you, the smoke rises, thousands of miles across the river. When it comes to the Chinese style, it is reminiscent of a painting of Pinghu Qiuyue. A piece of tea has warmth. In fact, China has never been a gust of wind, but a style.

Popular knowledge of tourmaline

The tourmaline ring is not limited to decorative effects, but also has valuable accessories for value preservation. As a mosaic of tourmalines, they often have high-grade quality, even reaching the gem level, which is denominated in carats. As we all know, the greater the