Soapstone identification method

Do you know how to identify bloodstone? Today, Xiaobian will come to you to talk about the identification method of bloodstone, let's get to know it! The bloodstone can be divided into three ways: chicken blood, texture, and weight: 1, fake chicken blood: no silver s

How to save ivory chopsticks

The ivory is a male elephant's fangs, often processed into art, jewelry or jewelry, and it is also processed into billiards and piano keys, which is a very expensive raw material. Nowadays, in order to protect animals, the ivory trade is banned or resisted internationa

Chemical Fiber Film Polyester Features

Chemical fiber membrane grade polyester chip characteristics Source: China polypropylene network - China Fiber Network's website Add people: amy69 Add time: 2009-7-28 Yizheng Fiber Grade Polyester Chips Introduction a. Masterbatch type FG610 Product features: Large-scale continuous productio

Different fashion, different journey - JOJO & DIYAI…

The famous brand JOJO and DIYAI (Diyi Ai) of Shenzhen Jiujiu Fashion Children's Wear Co., Ltd. will open a brand new concept of fashion and wealth journey in Dameisha, Shenzhen from March 8th to 11th. China Children's Wear Innovation Model Summit Forum. In the new season's product desi

What is the pigeon blood ruby

Players who like rubies must know the pigeon blood red ruby, the name has become a code and logo, in the people's impression it symbolizes high quality ruby. So what exactly is the pigeon blood red? Pigeon blood red and Burmese red treasure color the best ruby â€

What is jeans syndrome legendary cowboy answer for you

It has become an indisputable fact! According to the legendary cowboy headquarters data investigation team has done an interesting investigation recently and found that jeans are no longer the case of Europe and the United States, the Chinese people Has been "ill" is not light, jeans synd

Dress + high heels elegant early spring air ride

Ben Wang February 18 hearing, dress is undoubtedly the most popular fashion Meimei sought after with a single product. Dresses with high heels are the perfect expression of elegant feminine charm. Let Xiaobian give you a dress + heel match technique for you today, so that you can also lead the ear