I have a way to deal with the inquiry.

I am a curtain rod. Since I registered the company information online, I often send a picture to ask me for a quote. At the beginning, every picture was printed again, budgeted, busy every day, but no results, human and financial resources were wasted. After a period of groping and summarizing, I took a method of classified treatment for the inquiry, and the effect was good. I did this:

1. Respond promptly to online inquiries, be enthusiastic, and maintain proper courtesy.

2. Check the information registered by the other party online.

3. For the details of the data, the price is quoted at a more realistic price (payment method, transportation, etc.).

4. If the registration is unknown, I will ask the other party if I can get more information about the company. Can add the specific address, telephone number, fax person, the company's full name, enter the local industrial and commercial bureau information network to verify. Can be found, the same as the above article; can not be found, generally speaking, we can not process.

5, those only one mailbox, a phone number, or a mobile phone number, I mostly reply to them, we are more busy, I hope to have the opportunity to cooperate again next time.

6. Some people come to a lot of pictures at once, I will tell him, I will only report the price of one, and then talk about it.

7, for some direct calls, first ask the other party's approximate address, the number of products. There is no difficulty in the product and it is a bit far from our company. I would suggest that it is more cost-effective to process in his own vicinity - this is tantamount to rejection. If you have difficulty, you must judge whether you want to continue in the conversation with the other party.

8. On my quotation, I must fill in the company name, telephone number, fax number and detailed address of the other party (four items are indispensable). And the quotation must be faxed.

9, many people ask for a board after the quotation, but also simple: First, the cost is not high, first confirm the quotation of our factory back to the board, give him a board. Second, if the cost is high, please pay the sample fee and return it when it is officially produced (add a sentence "Please understand"). What you really need is acceptable. Third, some of the larger companies nearby will not necessarily pay the sample fee, send someone to inspect it, indeed, of course, will not care about this cost.