Long section woolen outerwear with children's coats

Children's woolen jacket style, little boy's dress must be based on fashion, and now the clothing style is more and more close to the Korean version of the Russian plum boy personalized fashion clothing style, long section with a jacket, look How to deduce the little boy Han Fan Xiao Chao men's style. Windbreaker style design, dark blue is the most classic autumn and winter colors, it is slightly more than a little black eyes, darker than the bright color, double-breasted design take a gray sweater slightly larger than the jacket To lighter color is better, coupled with jeans absolutely handsome. If you feel the autumn and winter dress more monotonous, then to the point of it accessories, a top hat triangle scarf with a pair of dark gray double-breasted woolen jacket coupled with a red slacks, such a small gentleman dress absolutely is a great match .

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