"OffSIDE offside," so that older children harvest warm in the fall

Autumn is coming, the weather is slowly turning cooler. In order to send lovely love and warmth to the cool girls in the cool season, Xiaobian recommended a "OFFSIDE offside" cotton knit sweater as a gift for the girls in the autumn. I hope the girls in the already somewhat cool autumn, can get a warmth of their own. OffSIDE offside this sweater uses a soft cotton fabric, exquisite knitting work make this sweater is very high. Loose version of the type, warm yellow color, and the width and breadth of the regular pattern of clothes lines, so that children's dress more stylish, comfortable and generous. Sweater cuffs and hem are threaded closure design, this design can prevent air-conditioning into the body, continue to keep the child's body warm. Sophisticated package edge round neck design, soft and comfortable, not easy to deformation, to ensure that the child's body warm. Coupled with the same color, with the fabric of thick scarves, so that the child's warm double protection at the same time, the children's clothing and therefore even more stylish. With such a stylish and generous sweater as a fall dress, girls will certainly be able to harvest in the fall a warmth of their own.

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