SKOFF Shiku Fu brand women beautiful and unique

SKOFF poetry Ke Fu women from a city of Italian fashion style brand, it is a more rational way to express "high quality of life" attitude.

SKOFF poetry Ke Fu women's team of designers through self-design concept of dress, simple and stylish style through different ways to distinguish the audience with the crowd, the modern city of women respected, identity, shared culture and value show themselves as yourself , Showing a stylish, elegant, beautiful style.

European style, fashion, romance, elegance, respect for nature is the designer's attitude to life, but also SKOFF poetry Ke Fu women's interpretation and promotion of the dress concept.

Fabric using silk, cotton, wool-based natural fiber fabrics, comfortable, natural, full interpretation of the "European elegant, comfortable and natural, simple and romantic," the design theme.

Style is based on a single product is reasonable, wearing strong, with a wealth of insight, SKOFF Poetry Ke Fu women as a whole to nature as the keynote, rich design details, inspired by the arts, nature and life, with superb details of the process and Exquisite version, shaping the modern knowledge of women calm, elegant urban image.


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