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In the screen, the small S Xu Xidi is a larger, weird, dare to hate the show host, but behind the scenes, she is a wife and mother, gentle and considerate good wife, good baby care mother . So you know that small S endorsement of the clothing brand what? Xiao Bian today introduced to you is a small S endorsement jeans brand -BrappersBrown jeans, from a different perspective to show a variety of different styles of women in the past fickle, in the interpretation of the small S Xu Xi Di, created the most perfect Curves and the essence of the jeans to be expressed. Brappers jeans from the new United States feet, new legs, the United States line to the latest release of this season's "good change", emphasizing the legs, buttocks and the entire lower body curve modification. Especially for the oriental women to propose a visual improvement of the body, in addition to tight-fitting thighs, but also very particular about the buttocks curvy effect. Brappers jeans starting from different lines in the body, outlines the rich layers of front and rear pockets, leather card especially free and abstract way to create a more chic style, in the brass buckle part of the choice of metallic luster material, more Tim Gorgeous element in them. With the wonderful interpretation of small S, vividly expressed Brappers Brothers jeans want to show the spirit of the work is different, that is, what we wear to wear out of their own style.

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