Cloth sofa lasts as a new secret!

Cloth sofas are more popular nowadays, the price is more affordable, and the styles are also diverse. But the cloth sofa also has its own shortcomings that it is not resistant to dirt. It is very important to master some methods of cleaning the sofa. Otherwise, the new sofa may not be too old to become old. So come and see how the cloth sofa can be cleaned.
Knowing how to clean some cloth sofas can make the cloth sofa in the home last forever, and friends who like to live at home should understand. Let's take a look at how the cloth sofa should be cleaned.
How to clean the cloth sofa: First, do some preparation before cleaning. You can spray the plant protection agent once on the newly purchased cloth sofa to reduce dust and perspiration, which can make the furniture life longer.
How to clean the cloth sofa: It is best to vacuum the sofa regularly and wipe it with a towel. This cycle is best in a week. Don't use too much force. Be careful of the weaving thread of the sofa. If you keep it for a long time, it should not be too much dust to be removed.
How to clean the cloth sofa: Wash the cloth sofa thoroughly with detergent at least once a year, and use a special cleaning agent containing anti-fouling agent. The cloth sofa with the sheath can generally be cleaned, of course, it is more convenient to wash and wash. It is generally preferred to select a cleaning agent with a pH of 7 for the cleaning agent.
Cloth sofa cleaning Note: Before cleaning, know if it will cause discoloration or fading and whether there is any harmful substance volatilization; when drying after drying, the fabric can be damaged. Just like washing clothes, you need to know some common sense of materials. In this case, I believe that the life of cloth sofas will be extended a lot.

3D Crystal Emboss Tablecloth

EVA/PVC printed embossed 3d laser hologram  table covers, table mat, table cloth
1.Decorate your household 
3.Water-proof and heat insulation
4.Protection furniture
6.Nice design
7.Less moq 

Main Material:
Width: 50cm,60cm,70cm,80cm,90cm,140cm
Thickness: 0.15mm, 0.18mm, 0.8mm,1mm
Color: Colorful
Surface disposal: embossed, 3D laser, holgram, metallic
Feature: Unshrinking,laminated printing,color stay longer, water-proof, anti-slip
Sample lead time: 7days
Design & packaging: 20m/50m in a roll,each roll in a carton
MOQ: 1500m/design
production time: 30-45 days after full confirmation of order and receipt of deposit or original LC . The exact time is according to your order qty and request. 
Payment: 30% deposit, 70% against copy of B/L within 7days by TT;

 JY-9002 JY-9013

JY-9014 JY-9015 

JY-9023 JY-9024

JY-9027 Transparent



3D Crystal Emboss Tablecloth

3D Crystal Emboss Tablecloth,3D Embossed Film,Embossed Pvc Tablecloth,3D Crystal Emboss

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