Hailan home spokesman Wu Dawei printed small Tian Du Chun

Sea Orchid House - a man's wardrobe, this popular ad is believed to be a household name. Hailan home since its birth date has gone beyond the traditional clothing brand connotation, it is a marketing brand, a service brand, a retail chain brand. Heilan home products cover adult men need from start to finish, from the inside to the outside, from winter to summer, from the formal wear to casual wear of all products, each product has nearly 50 kinds of fabrics and colors to choose from, Each size is divided into standard, partial fat, special fat three body types, has been advocating a non-interference, freedom of shopping. Of course, a clothing brand with such a high profile, but also inseparable from celebrity endorsements, as well as advertising efforts. In recent years, the spokesman for Hailan home from Wu Dawei to India small day, the latest spokesman is Du Chun, through free and happy shopping ads, express the shopping philosophy and consistent marketing idea of ​​Hailan home. "Hailan House" has hired Taiwan's trump card host Mr. Wu Daye as the spokesman for the image, and then hired a "Mainland four niche" reputation of Indian small image of any spokesperson for its youth, healthy "Hailan home" men's image advertising In the CCTV news network, weather forecasts, evening news, dialogue and other gold show hit, which greatly expanded the brand influence, but also hired super-popular idol Du Chun as image spokesman, advocating a new marketing - optional clothing .

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