How to choose milk paste breast paste when to pay attention to what

In order to advocate nature, to adapt to special occasions, milk paste came into being! Female friends are still very considerate in this regard.

European women use milk paste more widely, especially in romantic France, the United States women will also be due to the time, the use of milk paste, and now it is more and more popular in China. There are also many small milk stickers. The first is to pay attention to its texture, high-grade silicone, natural sticky, wrapped nipple and areola design looks very fashionable, close to the human skin, transparent texture.


Milk paste a variety of shapes, plum type, heart type, lip type, pentagonal, round, palm type, lip type, ladybug type, apple type, butterfly type, flower type, cute shape allows female friends We temporarily relax and enjoy yourself.

Comfortable breathable is a big advantage of the milk paste, the liberation of women under long-term bra underwear pressure, strapless cumbersome, do not have to fear and coat with the discomfort.

Milk paste is very sexy and tempting to show the beauty of the breast appears rounded charming, plump solid. Many women are attending the banquet, attend the party, do not wear bras, with milk paste, showing the chest curve. Elegant evening dress, casual harness, halter, armor and perspective equipment, and milk stickers can be used together.

The mix of clothes and milk stickers has many tips, in general, the light-colored clothes use the milk-colored stickers, beautiful and elegant view; dark clothing choices more room, light yellow, pink, pink blue, light purple can, and black Yarn best use of black milk paste.

According to the type of points, milk paste is divided into one-time and repeated use of this to distinguish clearly, otherwise the result will be skin allergies and even complications such as cancer Oh. Do not visit the beautiful, usually choose to serve the bra and underwear, is the best policy!

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