Jewelry tips

There are many kinds of jewellery, and the most important thing to buy is to observe. There are many factors that determine the quality of a gem. Please see the following tips for jewelry.

1. Color. Color is an important criterion and reference for evaluating jewelry. The color of the gemstone is mainly colorless, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and the like. Colorless gems mainly refer to diamonds. Jadeite jade color is colorless, white, red, yellow, green, blue, purple, yellow and red are called ç¿¡, the higher the value of ç¿¡ red, the green and blue is called green, the higher the green value of green The green content of jade is one of the criteria for judging its quality.

2. Transparency, commonly known as "water head". According to the quality of jewelry, from excellent to poor, it can be divided into transparent, translucent, translucent, micro-transparent and opaque. The corresponding commercial nouns are glass bottom, ice bottom, glutinous rice bottom, winter melon bottom and porcelain bottom. The degree of transparency. Nothing is wrong, the more crystal clear the jewelry is, the more precious it is.

3. Texture. According to the diameter of the jewelry particles, it can be divided into very fine, fine, thin, thick, more solid and fine, the higher the quality of the jewelry. In addition, it can also be identified from the aspects of density (weight), gloss, flaws, stains, and the like.

4. Clarity. According to its purity, it can be divided into extremely pure, pure, pure, pure, impure, and the more pure and flawless, the better the quality of jewelry.

5. Work. It mainly depends on whether the engraving shows whether the image is vivid and vivid, whether the lines are smooth and smooth, and whether the technique is skillful and exquisite. The same stone, different carving masters can make their value a world of difference.

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