Scientific diamond identification method

A long-lasting eternal life of diamonds not only illustrates the longevity of love, but also shows the preciousness of diamonds. For the precious and long-lasting diamonds, everyone will confirm its authenticity before buying. The following is a scientific appraisal method compiled by Xiaobian for everyone. I hope everyone can use it. Xiaobian also wishes everyone's love to last forever.

Perspective test - Wipe the gemstone with round diamond cut, place the table face down, place it on a piece of white paper with a line, and observe the line on the paper through the gemstone to determine whether the gem is a diamond. In the case of a standard round-drilled cut diamond, the line on the paper is not visible through the diamond (artificial barium titanate, synthetic rutile is similar to diamonds without a see-through effect). Most of the imitations have enough light to leak out of the pavilion facet due to the different refractive indices. A part of the line on the paper can be seen through the perspective.

Brightness Estimation—The ability of the outer reflection of the crown of a gemstone and the amount of light that is reflected by internal total reflection is called brightness. The diamond and its imitation are placed in the same environment of the same light source and the table top is facing upwards. The standard round diamond type diamond is cut finely. Almost all the light entering from the crown is reflected from the crown, showing a strong brightness. . However, the refractive index and the cut of the imitation are different from those of the diamond, and the light entering from the crown will leak from the pavilion to varying degrees, thereby lowering the brightness.

Oily Test - Use a special pen or ballpoint pen with oil-based ink to draw a line on the diamond's countertop, leaving an unbroken straight line. Other imitations are not lipophilic, leaving intermittent dotted lines at the score line.

The water drop test cleans the countertops of the diamonds and imitations, and drops a small drop of water to observe the time and contour of the water droplets. On the diamond, the water droplets will remain spherical for a long time, and the water droplets on the imitation will spread out in a relatively short period of time.

Harmonic test - put the sample to be tested and the known diamond sample on the glass, and look at them to observe the disappearance of the mist. The fog on the diamond quickly disappears, and the fog on the imitation disappears slowly.

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