Ibiza: Let a woman interpret her favorite life stage character at any time

Hundred-year-old - the famous women's brand "VIFPA" ( Ibiza ), was born in 1913 in Spain, belonging to Ibiza International Holdings Limited.


VIPA (Ibiza) -

This paradise island in the Mediterranean, is the birthplace of original art! She is a natural island resort, full of original wild resort island, blue sky, clear and ocean, green breech plants, so that the pursuit of fashion people rush. In the 1960s, a group of hippie poems built well-known clubs here, and celebrities came here endlessly.

Such as Vogue magazine's editor Carine Roitfeld, U2 Orchestra's Bono and Phoebe Carles, etc. is where the regulars, Louis Vutton, Roverto Cavalli and Missoni and other international brands have their propaganda view here, we can say that Ibiza is Gathers the popular, fashion and advocates of nature representatives.

She gave Ibiza brand a steady stream of creative inspiration, design style show rich color exotic, their imagination to bring unlimited imagination for Chinese fashion women.


design concept

VIFPA adhere to the international fashion trends, adhering to the "advocate a stylish attitude to life" design concept, integration of Oriental design elements, creating a elegant elegant, concise, fashionable and practical style of women's clothing.

VIFPA's style combines work and relaxation, traveling between formal and yapi, offering a personalized choice between formal wear and casual wear. The non-meat mix and match fashion to interpret the modern city new fashion attitude of women.

VIFPA allows women to interpret their favorite life stage characters at any time and express their inner demands in a silent way to form VIFPA's unique product style and brand culture connotation.

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