Mummy Star Spring 2013 new product conference successfully concluded (Photos)

September 15 to 17, 2012, mammy's star Children's Wear 2013 "Tong Xing" spring and summer new conference was held in Dongguan Fangzhong Holiday Hotel. The order will be "children's line" as the theme, and spring and summer seasons should be featured around the product style Mummy Star launched the "rock wizard", "Imagine the picture", "Sicily morning", "Moka Manor "theme of the four major series, in the tradition of Mummy Star's classic design and color at the same time, into more children's fashion elements. In live wave cute little model catwalk show, each series of theme style has been vividly embodied, won the presence of more than 200 terminal stores and customers intentions of strong repercussions and praise. In the next order will be on-site, around the franchisee and customer intentions set off an enthusiastic ordering and signing craze. In this order meeting, there are 13 customers and Mummy Star reached a cooperation agreement, joined the Mummy Star Family, to jointly create a better future Mummy Star. Spring and summer 13 orders for new products have also reached a new historical level, statistical work is underway. The conference brought guests and partners present, not only beautiful show of spring and summer new products, but also the vision and confidence of Mummy's star now and in the future. I wish mammy'star (Mummy Star) tomorrow will be more brilliant!

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