Chinese textile entrepreneurs ready to invest in Indonesia

Some Chinese textile companies plan to invest in West Java, Indonesia. Jabar Kevin Hartanto, secretary general of the Indonesian Textile Association (API), said that if the investment plan is implemented, there will be positive and negative sides. When Chinese textile companies visited Indonesia earlier, they revealed that they plan to move abroad. Although we are **, we think it is fair. He said that investment plans for local companies** local textile and textile products (TPT). In particular, local companies must also address issues such as the increase in the minimum wage (area/city) and the increase in electricity bills from April.

Kevin explained that Chinese investors like to invest in Indonesia because the Chinese government has tightened its supervision of textile companies. In addition, the increase in labor costs in China has led to higher raw material prices. According to him, these changes have led the textile industry to enter Southeast Asian countries, and Indonesia is one of the Southeast Asian countries. Abundant natural resources and relatively low wages are the main attractions of Indonesia. Both South Korea and Taiwan have entered the textile industry in Jabar. ”

He said: "They believe that Indonesia has good potential." But even so, foreign direct investment from China will have a positive impact and will create new jobs. He also hopes that competition with Chinese textile companies will encourage the Indonesian textile industry to produce more creative and innovative products. He said: "Yes, there is a positive side and there is a negative side. I hope Chinese textile manufacturing companies will help Indonesians increase their purchasing power." He asked the government to formulate rules to protect the local textile industry. He hopes that Chinese investment will directly invest in the development of the downstream textile industry, namely garment production. He said: "If you develop a garment factory, you will create many job opportunities. In addition, they have a solid capital."

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