Practical analysis of how to create high-traffic long tail keywords

[China Glass Network] As we all know, the long tail keyword will also bring a lot of IP and PV to the website, which has always been a hot topic, and the old tune often talks. Many webmaster friends like to do some long tail words recommended by Baidu drop-down box and Baidu search page, but these words are open. If you do what I do, all the competition will be fierce, and this will be the main The difficulty of competition in keywords is no different. Therefore, in today's increasingly fierce competition, we must learn innovative thinking and develop methods that suit ourselves. This is the top priority. Not much nonsense, let's talk about the author's experience in operating long tail keywords, and hope to bring new inspiration to the webmaster friends who study the long tail.

How to create long-flow keywords with high flow rate 1. Develop long tail words quickly according to industry dynamics

There are some changes in various industries, we can seize these opportunities to develop long tail keywords, such as the author's website, the industry's narrow keywords, mainly rely on the main keyword drainage, long tail keywords The proportion is very small. On that day, the platform of Jieyitong's physical supply was launched. I published several articles on such long-tail keywords in the evening. For example, how is the platform for the physical supply of Jieyitong? Such words that may be searched for. When choosing these words, think about it. If you are a user, how would you search?

2. Optimize the long tail keyword page

After selecting the long tail keyword and publishing it, you need to optimize this long tail keyword page to get a better ranking. The author's method is to make a few anchor text links to the long tail keyword page on the high-weight website, pointing to the URL of the long tail word page. In the optimization of the station, the author is to put the article to the top page, so that these pages get more weight. Other articles in the site also make several anchor texts pointing to the long tail page URL without affecting the user experience.

3, pay attention to the user experience of the long tail page

If the content of the article on the long tail page is not written for human readers, it is better not to do it. This will only increase the bounce rate of your website, and the product conversion rate is really clouded. Since the long tail word is definitely not a single look at the search engine, it is more important to increase the product conversion rate and enhance the user's viscosity. Therefore, the long tail page should pay more attention to the user experience.


Some long-tail keywords may not have the Baidu index, but the users brought by such words are likely to be targeted customers, which can greatly improve the conversion rate of the products, and also bring more traffic to the website. The selection of long tail keywords can also be used to analyze the practices of competitors, learn from each other's strengths, and learn continuously.

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