Network interaction faces traditional teaching challenges will become a trend

[China Glass Network] Under the impetus of the scientific and technological revolution, the arrival of the information age has triggered tremendous changes in people's production and lifestyle. In this social context, the traditional teaching model that followed the millennium has also quietly changed. Online interactive teaching-----The rise of a new new industry is constantly impacting the dominance of traditional teaching.

As the leader of the new interactive network education, Beijing Iyi Education Technology Co., Ltd. constantly explores new teaching methods, summarizes teaching experience and innovates new teaching methods in the course of the development of online teaching for many years. In this way, optimize the network teaching industry structure. Formed a sound corporate system and network teaching system. And achieved excellent results in the actual education and teaching.

The difference between my e-learning network teaching and the traditional teaching method is that the traditional teaching mode is one-to-many teaching in a specific space and time. The network teaching is based on multimedia and network technology, and transmits multimedia, diversified teaching information including text, images, sounds, animations, etc. through computer network communication technology, and carries out a form of simultaneous education in different places or at different times.

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The success of Beijing Yiyi Education Technology Co., Ltd. in online teaching is not accidental. The theme of this era of informationization is the cradle of the rise of online teaching. The needs of people and the development of the company itself are the nutrients for the growth of online teaching. Its coming has broken the pattern of traditional teaching and unification. Compared with the traditional teaching mode, the advantages of online teaching provided by Beijing Yiyi Education Technology Co., Ltd. are:

1. Convenience: Students can achieve classroom teaching without going out of the house, avoiding wasted time.

2. Network teaching breaks through the limitations of time and space, and realizes the storage and dissemination of the vast amount of knowledge to provide learners with the choice of learning content, methods and processes according to their own conditions and needs.

3. The simulation of network teaching makes the time and space distance between teachers and students no longer exist. The synchronous transmission of teaching content through sound and video makes it easy and easy for teachers and students to communicate and communicate with each other. The comprehensive use of multimedia and network technology will explain, explain and impart content information from different angles, so that learners can participate in learning as much as possible, stimulate students' enthusiasm for learning, and make learners easier, faster and more vivid. Master the knowledge you have acquired to produce good learning results and improve the quality of teaching.

4. Yiyi Education provides excellent teachers, employs college entrance examination scores of more than 600 points or Peking University, and Beijing Normal University and many other well-known college students are teachers of Yiyi Education. They have a strong knowledge accumulation and valuable learning experience that can be passed on to students.

5. I Easy Education focuses on creating personalized education, one-to-one teaching changes the traditional teaching one-to-many teaching methods. Tailor-made teaching plans, teaching tasks and teaching objectives for students, and develop corresponding return visits and learning follow-up surveys to grasp student learning in real time. Focus on the simultaneous development of students' physical and mental performance and academic performance. Students can choose courses, teachers, teaching materials, and progress according to their own characteristics. Teachers and students can talk and answer questions individually. In the teaching process, the two-way real-time communication between the teachers and students, students and students in different places is realized, which provides guarantee for class discussion and confusion. Personalized learning and large-scale teaching have achieved a perfect combination in the new online education approach promoted by Yiyi Education.

I am easy to educate with "I choose, I am easy" as the business philosophy. With the aim of continuously improving the quality of education and teaching, we constantly optimize the structure of the network teaching industry. Improve service quality. It's easy for users to change because of the choice.

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