Dadida Tide to take guide - Korean small heavy meat struck

Korean flow of small fresh meat, Dadida trumpet sounded, there are major things to happen 啦 ~ that is a small fresh meat hit! The reason why small fresh meat meat: high value, sweet smile, but also inseparable from the dress! Fake two cotton shirts, not only gentleman and warm, peacock blue sweater with orange bow tie design, like a fashionable darling. Fashion twill cotton-padded coat, through the combination of collar collar oblique placket design, coupled with cut velvet set off, personalized trend, low-light color stitching gray Obscure fabrics, retro fashion, the interpretation of the most fresh meat. 2015 denim trousers with fleece inside, comfortable and warm, after the pockets of different fabrics splicing design, handsome full, small version of the combination of grinding white effect, it is wild. The overall shape of fashion and gentleman's sweater plus simple denim trousers, with a unique coat, instantly became a small stream of Korean flesh, like a heart-catching actor in the hearts of thousands of fans.

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