"OFFSIDE offside" to lead the new trend of youth fashion

The beginning of winter means that the beginning of winter, according to the division of climatology, China will postpone about 20 days until winter. So generally not too cold, but the temperature gradually decreased. When it is sunny and windy, there is often a windy, warm and comfortable October "Little Spring" weather. So the question is, young clothes ready? Offside juvenile children's wear with you take a look. In each girl's heart has a princess dream, looking forward to yourself is that who has been admired and blessed by the world of pure princess. Princess skirt is the dream girl dresses, is the best girl gift. Soft and elegant princess dress with a white pantyhose, in this October festival, both warm and stylish beautiful. Minimalist movement style, with comfortable, soft fabrics, to further liberate the freedom of movement nature. Ergonomic integration, so that every detail closer to the human body's natural form, comfortable feeling for older children more relaxed during exercise. Hit color and mosaic elements to join, so that the whole series has more fashion vision. We are stylish, we are very elegant, we are very personal, "offside offside" teenager trying to lead the new trend of youth fashion.

Spring-wrapped Nonwoven Fabric

Spring bag non-woven cloth is used to pack independent spring bag, independent bag spring generally refers to independent bag spring mattress.After each spring is pressurized, the individual bags are wrapped in a non-woven bag into a bag, arranged into a chain, and then glued together to form a bed net.The cotton layer of the bed net is usually glued so that each bag of springs fills evenly, making it more comfortable to use.The rest is the usual spring mattress process.

Its characteristic is that each spring body works independently, supports independently and can expand and expand independently.Each spring is packed with fiber bag, non-woven bag or cotton bag, and the spring bags between different peers are bonded with viscose.More advanced continuous non - contact longitudinal spring technology enables the mattress to achieve the effect of a double mattress.

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