The placement and function of Amethyst Cave

Amethyst Cave is one of the seven treasures of Buddhism. Amethyst caves vary in size and shape, and each has its own characteristics. The original mine of Amethyst Cave is a whole hill-like shape. After mining, it is cut into two, so it is a one-on-one yin and a yang. The hand will put in two opposite feelings of warmth or coolness. In addition to the beauty of art, the “honorable qi” of the king in all crystals has the function of improving the magnetic field of the mansion and the individual. Amethyst Cave is the most complete form of all crystal ornaments, and the most powerful energy.


In the jewelry industry, Amethyst Cave has many applications, especially in the Crystal Shop. Almost every store has an alternate display. There are two purposes. One is to increase the store's sexy officer, and the other is to gather wealth as a Feng Shui stone. Third, the crystal can be degaussed on site.

The role of Amethyst Cave can be used as a Feng Shui stone in the home office. It has the function of collecting gas and collecting money, avoiding evils and murdering. It is best placed on the financial position. In addition, it also stabilizes the relationship between husband and wife, enhances wisdom and concentration, so it is placed. The bedroom and the study room are also very good. You can put the amethyst hole in the walkway after the entry, the end of the moving line or in the financial position, which has the function of absorbing, gathering popularity and wealth. At the junction of the two walls in the house, it is often the point of polymerization of the gas. The amethyst hole can be used to gather the gas.

Putting the natural amethyst hole on the financial position, you can continue to make money, deepen the wealth you earn, and save the accumulated wealth for a long time, especially for those who are already making money and want to continue making money. Placed in Ford, you can accumulate fortune for a long time.

For roads, corners, etc., the hole can be used as a source of absorption. If a crystal ball is placed in the hole, the helium gas can be converted and the resistance can be assisted. The door-to-door situation can occur in the room. Placed behind the door of the elders can reduce the occurrence of conflicts. For the students who are studying, placing the Amethyst Cave in Wenchang is helpful for the examination and promotion, and can also be assisted by the nobles. Business premises need to strengthen interpersonal relationships and live in harmony. You can put amethyst holes in the position and financial position to promote this purpose.


Amethyst Cave is a gift for opening and moving, it can be seated and settled, and it also has the effect of town house, phlegm, gathering, and Wenchang. For colleagues, chiefs, promotion, promotion, it is better to send Amethyst Cave. Helping the promotion of fame, more respected, step by step, and also has the meaning of steady and steady. It is currently the most widely used Fengshui stone to improve the feng shui of Yangzhai.

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