Hai Wei children's wear "blooming fun2013 spring and summer new release" to open a new children's fashion decoding

Hai-Wei children's wear with "international fashion children's wear" as the brand positioning has ushered in the annual spring and summer new product release. Representatives from dealers all over the country once again gather in beautiful Xiamen for a four-day concentrated meeting. The meeting focused on the release of the Hoi Wei International trend of children's clothing 2013 spring and summer new products, and this was a panoramic show release, once again brought a new visual feast for the children's fashion industry. At the same time, Hai Wei brand also terminal management and other management modules to strengthen the actual combat training to further strengthen the dealer's management capabilities and terminal operating strength. The meeting opened on the 20th of August in Xiamen Bai Xiang Hotel. In the meeting agenda of the morning, Hai Wei brand first brought a series of actual operations of terminal operation for distributors. The meeting first of all the current situation of children's clothing development and future prospects for all-round perspective and analysis, proposed Haiwei children's wear shaping the "international fashion brand children's clothing," the determination and confidence, and Hoi Wei outlets laying and market development pattern made a deep analysis Research, resonate. In the actual operation of the terminal part of the analysis for the dealer to explain the overall operation of the current Weihai shop situation, the existing problems, and the urgent need to solve the problem, consistent with the dealers, the interaction reached a consensus to solve the problem, by the dealer Their enthusiasm responded. Hai Wei international trend of children's wear "blooming fun2013 spring and summer new release" to open a new fashion decoding children's clothing, dealers from all over the country gathered in Xiamen Bai Xiang Hotel, to witness this wonderful moment. Conference first Ho Lai Wei, director of Hoi Wei brand research and development on the Hai Wei Wei spring and summer 2013 new clothes to explain, followed by a spectacular panoramic children's show kicked off, dealers accompanied by a little fluorescent admission, the scene enveloped the unique dream of Paris The romantic atmosphere. With the children with music sounded, the fashion feast of fluorescent children slowly push forward, dreamlike, so that people seem to be back to the beautiful childhood. "I really like this children's wear brand, and we are full of confidence." In the evening's fashion dinner, the distributors expressed their excitement one after another. "We participated in the release of the Hai Wei brand several times, Since then, the children's clothing market has entered a period of rapid development, with an average annual increase of more than 17%, far higher than the retail sales of social products in the same period. It can be said that with the fourth fertility peak, the children's clothing industry sounded the assembly of wealth, the rigid demand for children's clothing called for the rise of children's wear champion brand. In 2010, China's children's clothing industry reached 100 billion yuan market size. In the next ten years, the birth rate in China will reach a new peak. The population aged 0-16 will exceed 400 million and the market potential is staggering. Increasing market space is bound to detonate the upgrading of China's children's clothing industry structure, the international big children's clothing and local strength of children's clothing will be close combat, scraping competition for this piece of cake. Throughout the development of China's children's clothing 30 years, mainly experienced three stages: the era of self-production, brand birth era, the era of rise of the brand. The future will be the era of the rise of the championship brand. In the past ten years, children's wear has been learning to install (adult wear), but it has not been able to continue producing the same giant as the "Big Mac" big name. The root cause lies in the children's wear brand in the pattern did not make essential breakthroughs, not like the same equipment, brand, product, marketing Troika keep pace, simultaneously force. Therefore, Hai Wei Wei children's clothing brand revolutionary "large format" operation of children's clothing, aiming to detonate children's clothing pioneer. From the sales, more local children's clothing brand annual sales of 4-5 billion yuan, outstanding and outstanding local children's clothing brand annual sales of up to more than 10 billion yuan. The international parity fast fashion brand with annual sales of 10 billion US dollars there are many, including children's clothing share of about 1 billion US dollars. Such as ZARA, GAP, H & M, C & A children's clothing line, as well as sports brand NIKE, ADIDAS KIDS series. 2012 is the second year of Haiwei's implementation of children's wear operation pattern. After the experience and actual operation in 2011, this model is becoming more and more mature. Dealers recognize the brand's mode while paying more attention to the products The higher Based on the strong consumer market for children's wear, in terms of brand promotion, Hai Wei's children's clothing will be based on the 2013 spring and summer products and market expansion plans to do a comprehensive brand promotion support program to step up publicity to enhance Hoi Wei brand visibility in China market, at the same time , Through a series of online and offline interactive activities to promote Hoi Wei brand and consumer nepotism and enhance brand reputation, so as to make good harvest in 2013 autumn and winter peak season premise. At the same time, strengthen the systematic management of terminal, through sales management, real-time analysis and countermeasures for goods loading, promotion and brand environment, strengthen team management and training, support and strengthen the team of dealers and synchronize the operation flow of Haiwei brand market, Enhance the penetration of the brand market, to create international leader in children's clothing brand. 2013 four series of enhanced fashion and fashion index Hai Wei from Paris, France, children's clothing brand, its spring and summer 2013 theme lock Dream Paris, Paris to start the full range of product development and design. The difference with the previous seasons is that this season Hai-Wei children's clothing will be the original five series of further decomposition, condensed into four series, namely family gatherings, weekend outings, home-school, fashion sports. The purpose of this combination strategy adjustment is to enhance the fashion sense of the full range of products in Hai Wei and to make the fashion sense of a single product stronger. When combined into a full range of products, the mainline positioning is clearer and the style is lighter and more in line with the "International Fashion Kids" This constant product positioning. According to reports, this combination of product line strategy changes do not affect the full range of Ho Wei products, but richer, the original "Happy Travel" series merged into this "weekend outing" and enhance the series Product content at the same time, making the product features outdoor functions and outing more professional and more comfortable; In addition, the major series of products tend to be more simple, comfortable, generous, stylish, with texture as the first premise for the health of children to provide the most Basic protection. In addition, the Hai Wei Wei spring 2013 spring and summer products in color, design elements and the use of fabrics with the past, there is a big difference. The first is the use of color, design elements and fabrics to distinguish between the various series at the same time, the concatenation of the series of spindles, making the theme of their series more prominent, a series of more sense. Second, the division of the series in the version of the type, style design also breakthroughs the previous few quarters of the product structure of a single form, dating, school home series added a narrow version of the weekend outing and fashion sports still maintain the previous easing Image. In addition to the major series of high-level division and positioning of the enhanced, in each series of single product, Hai Wei also work hard, whether it is the use of elements or color choices, the single series of each single product still will not appear the same , Rich design elements and design highlights will set off a new trend in the field of children's clothing. Children's clothing is generally comfortable, breathable, absorbent, environmentally friendly. In the choice of fabrics and accessories more and more emphasis on natural, environmentally friendly. "Wear out of safety", "piercing health" has become an important global concept of clothing consumption. Do not contain toxic and hazardous substances, to meet the environmental requirements of "green products" increasingly become more consumers of the object. In the fabric of environmental protection, health and comfort, Hai Wei professionals from the election materials, procurement and other aspects of the whole tracking test to continuously improve the safety and health performance of products and improve the intrinsic quality and credibility of products to To ensure that all raw materials and production processes safe and pollution-free, each test has been fully qualified by the authority confirmed before they can continue in the next production link. Under the premise of guaranteeing fabric safety, the selection of fabric style is a highlight of Hai Wei's spring / summer 2013 product. As one of the three elements of clothing, fabrics can interpret the style and characteristics of clothing, which directly affects the color of clothing, modeling performance. Haiwei 2013 spring and summer fabrics more abundant than ever before, all kinds of environmentally friendly, comfortable, healthy fabrics are cleverly integrated into the use of various series of products, closer to each series of the theme expressed at the same time, for children We provide basic protection of fashion and health. Among them, the chiffon, lace, chiffon these fashion elements also gradually appear to the season Wei Hai children's clothing to fully reflect the natural innocence of children naive; light gray denim washing pants stylish and generous; cotton straight cloth and the The interlaced application of colored denim made the trousers in summer 2013 full of richness. At the same time, the small cut flowers and jacquard fabrics were applied on the girls' tops to make the girls sweet and pleasant. In terms of style, the products draped stiffly , Comfortable to wear, large flowers and small flowers to make the visual impact of the strong sense of time, sometimes soft. Taken together, Hai Wei 2013 spring and summer series of products more sense of a single product is more rich, more quality sense, worth the wait.

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