Ju Menglai teaches you to use touch to identify home textile fabrics

People are increasingly demanding bedding, so fabrics for home textiles are also of high quality. When we were buying home textiles, did we encounter any fabrics that we didn’t know? How to identify the fabric? Below is the Menglai Lai Textile Consultant to teach you how to use the touch to identify home textile fabrics.

1. Real silk: The silk surface is smooth and clean, the gloss is soft, the color is bright and pure. The touch is smooth, soft, and the appearance is light and elegant. In the case of drying, there is a "silk sound" when the silk surface is torn.

2. Pure linen fabric: shiny, rough feel, and some have a tingling sensation. More wrinkles, slow recovery, poor drape.

3. Pure cotton cloth: The cloth surface is shiny, soft, soft to the touch, poor in elasticity and easy to wrinkle. After the fabric is pinched by hand, it is loosened, and the wrinkles are noticeable, and the crease is not easily restored to its original shape. A few warp yarns and weft yarns are taken out from the edge of the cloth to open and watch, and the length of the fibers is different.

4. Polyester cotton cloth: the gloss is purer, brighter, the cloth surface is flat, clean and no yarn ends or impurities. Feel smooth. It is crisp and elastic, and it is better than pure cotton cloth. After the hand is squeezed, the fabric is loosened, the crease cloth is obvious, and it is easy to return to its original state.

5. Viscose silk fabric: The silk surface is bright but not soft, the color is bright, the hand feels smooth, soft, and the drape is strong, but the silk is not as light and elegant. After the hand is squeezed, the surface is loosened, with creases and slower recovery. The voice is hoarse when torn. After the warp and weft are wetted by water, they are easily broken. (Gu Menglai Home Textiles)

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