How to become a quality marketing expert?

[China Glass Network] Want to be a quality marketing expert? If you are serious about achieving the goal of marketing success, here are 40 personalities and characteristics that are common to successful marketers. See how many are for you? How many criteria can you follow faithfully? I suggest you post this list in a place you can see every day. Read these principles every day and put them into practice until they become part of your life.

First, always maintain a positive attitude;

This is the top rule of marketing, and a positive attitude will lead you to the path of success and lasting forever. If you are confused, you have no positive attitude. A positive attitude is not just a process of thought, but a continuous and uninterrupted practice.

Second, self-confidence;

If you don't even believe that you can do it, who will believe you? The more important tool you have in marketing is your confidence.

Third, set goals and complete;

Identify and complete specific long-term (what you want) and short-term (how to get what you want) goals. The goal is a successful map that will lead you to success.

Fourth, learning marketing;

Continuously learn how to market, whether it is reading, listening to tapes, attending seminars.

5. Understand and meet customer needs;

Listen to what customers are saying and ask guiding questions to discover their real needs. Treat customers equally and treat them with kindness.

Sixth, holding a happy attitude in helping;

Don't be too contented, it will be written on your face, sold to help customers, not sold for commission.

7. Retain customers;

Be sincere, how do you treat others, how do you treat others. If you really have a chance to get to know a customer and focus on what he cares about, you will get far more than what the commission can give you.

8. Trust your company and products;

Believe in your products and do first-class service, this confidence will be revealed invisibly. Your beliefs will be clearly communicated to the client and will be reflected in your performance figures. If you have no confidence in your products, is your customer still confident in you?

Nine, self-drilling;

Proactive and adequate preparation is your better motivation to discover customer success. You must always be prepared and ready to market, or you are ready to fail. Prepare your professional suit, marketing tools, self-introduction, questions asked, what to say, and possible answers. A creative preparation that determines your job performance.

Ten, frank;

Are you very frank and want to help people, your frankness is not honest, others will see it; if you are not honest, you will lose your customer resources.

Eleven, take the initiative;

Quickly and accurately measure the customer's willingness and ability to purchase, and don't waste time with more hesitant people to do more productive things.

12. Go to the punctuality;

Being late means "I don't respect your time."

There is no excuse for being late. Unless there are special circumstances, you must call before the appointed time to apologize and continue your unfinished marketing work.

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