Is it beautiful yellow coat? How to match yellow coat with more fashion?

Compared to the classic black and white gray, bright yellow can always help us to break the dull winter, let us easily eye-catching when out the street, so the yellow jacket will naturally become a must-have item in many MM autumn and winter wardrobe, then yellow How to match with the jacket is more stylish? Xiaobian to support the following trick for everyone, MM they quickly learn Oh!


Lime yellow coat coat stylish eye-catching, slightly loose version to help us cover the excess fat waist, let us look more slender, with a black primer shirt and print package hip dress + blue leggings worn together, The overall look attracted to steal the spotlight, piercing the street definitely let you be the first time to attract everyone's attention.

黄色的呢大衣好看吗?  黄色呢大衣怎么搭配更时尚?

Of course, if you are more afraid of the cold, you can also like the model, the same choice of yellow coat coat with black lace turtleneck shirt and black tights with a pair of wear, the yellow coat in the long section of the design easy to cover the meat Skinny, with skinny underwear thinner effect is better, a little fat MM can manage.

黄色的呢大衣好看吗?  黄色呢大衣怎么搭配更时尚?

The MM is also a good example of this body with a white lace bottoming shirt full of elegance and elegant lady, with black woolen shorts, the classic black and white with no obsolete, and then take the yellow coat coat together, Look at the overall eye-catching steal the spotlight yet elegant ladies, if you are afraid of cold, you can put boots into boots, warm and warm legs can be modified Oh! (Photo source: Purely show women )

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