What the best length of windbreaker see light blue trench coat with

The length of the coat I think many people should have the psychological number, many people like Taobao, but Taobao has a bad place is not to see the length, do not know how to wear it, so I chose the physical store is better, look To the touch of the can try, a women's light blue coat style, two different lengths with.


The length of the coat above the knee is better, this light blue woolen trench coat style is still slightly longer version, but it will not be too long, the length is just good, but also do not feel very short, shallow Blue trench coat style with turtleneck knit shirt, black bottoming socks is also very good, coupled with a classic light-colored jacket is absolutely very nice to see.

风衣什么长度最好看 浅蓝色风衣搭配

This trench coat is a relatively short section of the shape, but also covers the length of the buttocks, the length can be with a pair of shorts, so that the shorts covered can be significant leg Oh, light blue lapel jacket style is with a black Bottoming shirt, this light blue lapel coat is more suitable for a small girl was significantly higher apparent no problem.

Thin And Light Woven Fusible Interlining

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