Last week, "China Shengze Silk Chemical Fiber Index" commented

According to the data monitoring and analysis of the data collected by 350 price-collecting units, the China Shengze Silk Chemical Fiber Index dropped sharply this week. Among them, the total chemical fiber index closed at 96.67 points, compared with the previous weekend, fell by 0.46 points; this week, the chemical fiber fabric price index fell sharply this week, closing at 96.81 points, compared with the previous weekend, fell by 0.35 points; The chemical fiber price index fell linearly this week and closed at 96.08 points, down by 0.61 points from the previous weekend. This week, the price index on cocoon and silk products fell slightly and ended at 101.19 points, a slight decrease of 0.09 points compared with the previous weekend.

It can be seen from the trend chart of chemical fiber products price index that the chemical fiber index fell sharply this week, showing the trend of “seven consecutive yin yang”. The main reason is that the market conditions of Shengze’s lining are still weak and the overslaught of textile off-season is superimposed. The market is getting bleak; raw material market demand is flat and inventory pressure is rising gradually, which leads to lack of overall market confidence. In respect of fabrics, the current sales of conventional chemical fiber fabrics are sluggish, and the overall inventory has a tendency of enlargement. The sales of summer fabrics have shrunk. The performance of autumn and winter fabrics has been slightly better, and the pattern of weak consolidation has generally taken shape.

1. From the perspective of the fabric market, this week's chemical fiber fabric price index fell sharply this week and closed at 96.81 points, down by 0.35 points compared with the previous weekend. At present, the market for Shengze’s lining has become increasingly bleak with the advent of textile off-season. Recently, the inventory of grey weaving companies in Shengze County was generally more than one and a half months. The large amount of inventories led to financial pressure, making the confidence of weaving companies continue to be suppressed. In terms of the operating rate, the operating rate of water-jet looms and air-jet looms in Shengze market is about 70%, and the surrounding area is about 50%.

From the Shengze market point of view, the current lining market conditions as a whole weak, thinly traded, orders mostly local small single, the price is relatively stable. The fabric market is dominated by seasonal fabrics. The rigid demand for autumn and winter fabrics has driven the popularity of several fabrics. Sales of medium-thick fabrics such as nylon, cotton, and suede fabrics have increased. In addition, the market's pursuit of differentiated varieties has gradually become a trend. The turnover of conventional fabrics was little changed, and the sales of polyester taffeta fabrics further shrank. The offer price was lowered by 0.10 yuan/meter to 0.20 yuan/meter; the conventional pongee and peachhide markets took slower goods and the price was temporarily stabilized; the demand for Taslon was relatively low. The early period has improved somewhat, especially the tendency of the entire extinction of Taslan to maintain momentum.

In terms of hot-selling products, an iron-clad printed fabric on the market began to sell well. The fabric used 210T nylon as the backing fabric. After being processed by the iron cattle printing, the fabric surface was smooth and glossy, with soft handfeel. type. At present, the finished product quotation is about RMB 8/m, which is mainly used for making various kinds of outerwear, down jackets, etc. The market outlook is quite promising.

Second, judging from the raw material market conditions, the chemical fiber price index fell linearly this week, closing at 96.08 points, compared with the previous weekend, fell by 0.61 points. From the perspective of upstream raw materials, the sustained sluggish demand for upstream and downstream products has made PTA market conditions weak. On the whole, as of this Friday, PTA talked about the price fell to around 7,300 yuan in the inner disk, and fell by nearly 500 yuan/ton in one week; the price of Chinese Taiwanese companies fell to 930 US dollars/ton, and fell by nearly 70 dollars in one week. / Ton; South Korean traders talked about the price fell to 915 US dollars / ton, within a week fell 75 US dollars / ton. From the perspective of **, PTA** fell sharply this week. As of Friday, Zhengzhou PTA's 1209 contract ended at RMB 7,024/ton, which was a decrease of RMB 448/ton from the settlement price on Monday. It is 5.96%. Affected by the recently introduced loose monetary policy to stimulate economic growth, crude oil prices continued to rebound. As of Thursday, New York crude oil closed at 84.82 US dollars in July, which was an increase of 1.59 US dollars compared with last Friday; Brent July ** closed at $99.93/barrel, up $1.5/barrel compared to last Friday. Driven by the slight rebound in crude oil, the market for naphtha and other petrochemical products slowed down. PX prices also rebounded slightly on Thursday. However, due to the large decline in the previous period, PX prices are still low. At present, the Asian PX market price is 1233 US dollars / ton, within a week fell 72 US dollars / ton; European PX market price is 1189 US dollars / ton, within a week fell 31 US dollars / ton.

Polyester filament prices continued their weak trend this week, and manufacturers' prices declined more than once. At the beginning of the week, the market continued its trend last week, and mainstream manufacturers’ prices declined. Followed by other manufacturers quoted more than fall, led the market a new round of decline. FDY steadily declined. FDY's decline this week between 400 yuan / ton ~ 700 yuan / ton, the mainstream manufacturers this weekend, FDY50D / 48F June offer price of 13,600 yuan / ton. In terms of DIY, this week, DTY prices have fallen by a large margin, ranging from RMB 500/ton to RMB 700/ton. This week, the mainstream maker DTY150D/144F was quoted at RMB 13,100/ton in June. On the POY side, POY prices also fell this week. At the beginning of the week, driven by the decline of the polyester market, POY quotations had a one-hundred dollar drop. Subsequent to the impact of upstream raw materials and DTY prices, POY manufacturers also followed suit. However, because POY product inventory was relatively low, the price adjustment rate was modest. Some manufacturers still focused on deals and were close to the weekend. Manufacturers tend to stabilize. This weekend, mainstream manufacturers POY150D/144F cash offer is 10,700 yuan/ton. In terms of polyester, the polyester market sales this week are still weak, but only a few low-cost manufacturers can do flat, only about 4 to 50%. At present, the inventory of mainstream manufacturers is from 28 days to 30 days, relatively speaking, the inventory of DTY is higher than one and a half months.

3. From the silkworm silk market, the price index on silk products of silkworm cocoon dropped slightly this week and closed at 101.19 points, a slight decrease of 0.09 points compared with the previous weekend. The dismal macro environment has affected the silk market and it is also difficult to change. Judging from the long-term trading disk, the market was tumbling and fell, and the rebound in the second half of last week did not continue. Main raw silk contract fell by nearly 1% to close at 304,500 yuan. Cognac trading contracts all fell sharply and trading volume rebounded. Cognac contracts fell by 1,600 yuan to close at 91,300 yuan, and real trading started. . The raw silk disk fell and the market closed lower. Although the current price is relatively low in the past year, the weak market continues.

The decline in the market can reflect market confidence and movements. From the Guangdong and Guangxi regions to Sichuan, Jiangsu and Zhejiang and other producing areas, the country's silkworm cocoon has entered the stage of large-scale listing. At present, the average purchase price of fresh taro in southern Jiangsu Province is 33 yuan/kg. In addition, the second and third batch of spring cymbals in various silkworm areas in Guangxi are also listed one after another. Affected by the recent unfavorable conditions of frequent climate change, the quality of listed fresh oysters has declined, and as the silk market continues to weaken, the acquisition of fresh oysters Prices have also dropped.

Judging from the industrial chain of the silk reel market in the recent period, there is still no positive signal, and silk reeling is still dominated by concussions and weaknesses. In this context, if the market can maintain the current price of raw silk, or the price of raw silk will rebound after the market is listed, there is still room for profit for silk companies. If the price of raw silk continues to fall, it is likely to re-emerge last year's situation of flour over bread. It is expected that the market will maintain a weak market volatility in the short term.

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