Little witch cowboy creative, natural expression

Small witch denim brand core business in the Chinese mainland market is located in Changsha, the domestic production base in the fashion capital - Guangzhou. "LWD little witch cowboy" brand is Hongkong magic clothing company's flagship brand. Into the international fashion cowboy style, mainly to the development of Korean clothing, has now become a well-known brands at home and abroad, Hong Kong, Maucao region. "Honest development, create win-win" is a small witch cowboy business philosophy to customer demand-oriented, quality to witness the benefits, in good faith to win the reputation. Creative, natural expression! LWD (small witch) brand jeans, into the international fashion cowboy style, mainly to the development of Korean apparel, tireless exploration, the pursuit of fashion dreams triggered by the journey! Following the Hong Kong Magic clothing brand settled in the Chinese market since the young, stylish, innovative "LWD little witch" denim brand apparel style soon enjoys popular support! With the creative Magic family and international fashion design master cooperation, unique personality and adhere to self-attitude for young people to create personal equipment. Hong Kong Magic clothing brand set design, development, production and sales as one of the brand operating system, with the development of chain management business model as the basis, the implementation of the distribution of various physical stores branding, marketing, terminal planning, target management, performance management, etc. Support for market operation. The small magic witch Trading Company in Hunan to undertake Magic clothing brand in the mainland market the entire operating matters, "integrity management, improve management" won the majority of consumers and their dealers alike.

We can produce colorful Tealight Candles,the candle color can be customized.Ingredients: main ingredients paraffin heating melt into liquid and heat slightly volatile, you can smell the unique smell of paraffin wax, frozen solid when cold, absolute environmental harmlessness.Storage method: please store it in a cool, dry place.There are two layers in the Candle Set, each layer has 25 tealight, reveal itself when you open it. Also, the packing can be customized,our usual packing is 50 pcs per pack or 100 pcs per pack.

Color tealight candles

Color Tealight Candles

Color Tealight Candles,Unscented Colored Perfume Tealight Candles,Colored Tealight Candle With Aluminum Holder,Led Rechargeble Color Tealight Candles

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