MALCO MANCO 2014 New Products: Orange trend Hurricane you keep up?

Color research authority Pantone announced the 2014 representative colors - from fresh and juicy orange color, red rust color, the orange has been repeated. Pastel-colored jackets raged in 2013, the major international brands conducted a response to the orange wave, continue to relay the orange heat wave!


MALCO MANCO 2014新品推荐:橘色潮流飓风 你跟上了吗?

Brilliant and elegant bright orange sweater, the shape of the generous proportion of the lines to bring a sense of casual recreation, to create a free and easy charm, the details at the neckline at the V-fork design, bead technology and the use of sexy web Yarn spell, adding the overall shape of the refined.

MALCO MANCO 2014新品推荐:橘色潮流飓风 你跟上了吗?

MALCO MANCO 2014新品推荐:橘色潮流飓风 你跟上了吗?

Simple and crisp orange trench coat coat & ONEPICE dress, elegant tailoring process, Micro A version of the city full of elegant modern style.

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