What kind of pillow does the pregnant woman choose? What is the role of the pregnant woman pillow?

What kind of pillow does the pregnant woman choose? What is the role of the pregnant woman pillow?

With the development of social clubs, the appearance of maternity pillows has alleviated the discomfort of pregnant women sleeping, but is it useful for pregnant women's pillows? Which kind of pregnant women's pillows are good? The series of questions will also become the hottest topic on the market. one. As a special group, the quality of sleep for pregnant women will also be of concern to the family. Of course, the choice of bedding is a key point.


1. Waist pillow : simple shape, mainly to protect the vulnerable waist of pregnant women. It belongs to the first generation of maternity pillows.

2. Pregnant side sleeping pillow : The sleeping pillow on the side of the pregnant woman is shaped like an ingot, with two sides protruding in the middle, and the sides of the protrusion can fix the waist of the pregnant woman.

3. Multi-functional maternity pillow : Multi-functional maternity pillow is complex in shape, often including abdomen pillow, lumbar pillow, leg pillow, headrest and other pillows, which can be combined at will. To meet the various needs of pregnant women, relieve back pain, relieve leg edema during pregnancy, and even correct the problem of sleeping position during pregnancy.


1. I believe that many expectant mothers know the benefits of sleeping on the left side, and pregnant women's pillows are good for pregnant women to stay on their left side.

2. Make the mothers comfortable to breastfeed, and the baby can easily eat milk. Let the mother no longer bow, bend down, reduce the feeding intensity, and avoid the possibility of cervical spondylosis and lumbar spondylosis.

3. Support the vulnerable waist of pregnant women. It can be adjusted with the pregnant woman at different times and different waist circumferences, and the pillow distance can be adjusted to fit the waist of the pregnant woman.

4. Reduce the pressure on the abdomen. The maternal pillow supports the arms and legs, filling the gap between the abdomen and the bed.

5. Let pregnant women no longer suffer from backache, leg injury, incorrect abdominal posture, abdominal pressure, etc., have a comfortable sleep during pregnancy.

6. To meet the needs of pregnant women to raise the head, cushion the waist and lift the legs, the limbs can be relaxed and relaxed, and the stretching of the waist muscles can be reduced, which can alleviate the back pain in pregnancy.

7. Can be used as an auxiliary tool to correct the fetal position irregularity, help pregnant women to complete the knee chest position surgery smoothly and easily. Fetal position is not a common cause of dystocia, in addition to the implementation of external fetal position surgery, the best way is to do knee and chest position.

In addition, when the elderly sleep, the position of the lumbar pillow and the abdominal pillow can be exchanged, and the lumbar support can be more powerful, especially for the elderly who are overweight and inconvenient to move, and the seat becomes a cushion and lies down to support the side.

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