Busen men play "micro-propagation" Trilogy

As a traditional Chinese garment enterprise with nearly 30 years of development history, Busen men's active presence in the "micro" field after opening the Taobao flagship store opened the field of social media of Bu-sen men's official microblogging and wading social media. The "micro-propagation" trilogy. Building platforms to gather "micro-force" Buzzsen men's official microblogging at the opening of the occasion, Busen to brand image spokesman - Mr. Huang Xiaoming fashion influence as the starting point, the contents of their weibo around the men's wear culture. By Huang Xiaoming dress tracking and fashion reviews to shape the brand's professional image. Busen men's Weibo is not only casual men's, business men's trend information zone, but also the men's culture, "micro-record." As the official platform, in December 2011, Busen launched an impressive microblogging event - "Busen show your style" microblogging passion forwarded to win the prize in thousands of people in a few days Enthusiastic participation, gathered the first passionate fans. As a fan's feedback, Busen men's business ready business casual jackets, shirts, neckties and Other exquisite gifts. This event can be described as Busen Men's official Weibo event appetizer. Joint Media Innovation "Micro" Busen Men is a long-term sponsor of Zhejiang Satellite TV Gold Medal "China Dream Show." By the end of 2011, Busen men's joint "China Dream Show" in its microblogging platform to carry out "Dream" series of activities. The end of 2011, "Busen Men - Dream 2012" the first quarter of the dream "show your style" activities, innovation and integration of traditional media advantages of resources, while linking hundreds of cities in hundreds of Busen store, the ultimate realization The store, the media, the emerging integration of social media integration, complementary advantages, sharing of resources to achieve the maximization of the activities of marketing communications. Consumers can participate in activities through the physical store, users can step through Men's official microblogging participation. Activities and "China Dream show" closely integrated, innovation and promotion of part of the sponsorship value. Award-winning consumers into Zhejiang TV "Dream of China" dream gala dinner New Year's Eve recording site, together with Hong Kong, Maucao and Mainland stars into 2012. The event site, Busen men's official microblogging tracking, timely release of the event site, and with the "China Dream Show" and other activities related to micro-Bo interaction. Continuation of the dream continuation of the whole network In early January 2012, Busen continued the "dream" and launched the "Dream Carnival, Busen joy to send" activities. On the occasion of greetings, let netizens write down their wishes and plans for the New Year, carry out "blessings and microtranslations," Busen prepares gifts to users. Activities should be the scene, once again get the enthusiasm of fans involved. At the same time, Busen cooperation with the progress, in Renren, Kaixinwang community and major BBS forums, the initial notification of activities, the activities of the late track record tracking, instant messaging with Busen official microblogging each other, to maximize the entire network Dissemination of results, thus affecting the target consumers and potential consumers, and in the dissemination of the audience's discussion and attention to achieve word of mouth, effectively enhance the brand's reputation and reputation. The event mainly focused on the Burson-Marsteller brand image spread. In the wake of the emerging social media, it effectively interacted with the young consumer groups and narrowed the distance between the brands and consumers. In addition, Busen has initially explored and practiced the integration and dissemination of emerging social media, traditional media and sales channels so that the communication effect is more direct and direct, making the communication between the brand and consumers more direct.

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