Weihuo market clothing cold wave spring cabbage price five yuan

The temperature rose and the mall was full of spring and summer clothes. The price of clothing that was originally soaring, but there is a "five yuan" price of cabbage, and "are all over the place."

With the rapid rise in temperature in recent days, colorful spring and summer clothes in shopping malls are filled with counters. The price of clothing that was originally soaring, but there is a "five yuan" price of cabbage, and "are all over the place."

The reporter recently observed in the Tianwei Tiecheng City near Beijing’s Lize Bridge that the shopping malls are full of “five yuan” and “ten yuan” sales. In the shops along the entire north side of the mall, there are many unopened bags of clothing. In front of the shop, the clothes are piled up in a pile. Look carefully and you can really find a lot of "eye-in" clothes.

In addition to the Weihuo market, this year's one-on-one “Forum of Foreign Trade” fair in Beijing is also much higher than in previous years. Wukesong, Wudaokou, Ditan, Sculpture Park and other places, at the same time, there are several fairs held at the same time.

The reporter saw that these foreign trade garments that were originally sold overseas were basically one or two percent off, and the style was very novel. There are several hundred thousand sweaters like malls. Some of them are new in the spring, and some are off-shelves in shopping malls. Prices start from tens of dollars. At the Ditan Exhibition, a wide variety of children's clothing costs as little as 15 yuan and 25 yuan.

"Sheep leather clothing, the style is also very new, one only two hundred yuan, the true value!" Ms. Zhao told reporters. Ms. Zhao does not have too many requirements for the brand, but she is indeed very knowledgeable about the “materials”. She is often keen to “Taobao” in these tailgate cities and trade fairs. This year, due to the large number of trade fairs, it accounts for a lot of “cheap”.

With soaring prices in shopping malls and rising production costs, why are there so many cabbage prices this year?

"The order was canceled, only to get here to sell." A dealer at the Wukesong Fair told the reporter that these goods are set by foreign customers, but I do not know why it was canceled, the manufacturers for the cash flow Only these goods can be sold to them at a low price. They will have a batch of such goods in their hands at different times. In order to digest these goods, they often participate in various trade fairs.

“In recent years, clothing has been increasing prices. It is very difficult for foreign trade companies to survive this year. These clothes can only be sold to domestic wholesalers in parcels.” A long-term merchant of Tianhui Weihuo told reporters that these clothes were from Zhejiang, Guangdong and other places are sold according to "packages".

In the eyes of these businessmen, textile and garment export enterprises have difficulty in surviving and it seems that for them, it is not a bad thing for the time being.

From a few bucks to a few tens of bucks, how difficult are the textile and garment export enterprises in order to allow them to dump goods so deviously?

According to customs data, China's total exports of textiles and clothing in January-February 2012 were US$31.229 billion, a year-on-year decrease of 2.56%. Among them, January textile exports fell by 0.42% year-on-year, the first negative growth since the financial crisis; in February, the growth rate was -3.28%, and the decline has increased.

"There are many inquiries and fewer orders. We have already reduced our profits to a minimum, but we are still more expensive than Southeast Asia." The person in charge of a textile company in Dongguan told reporters that in fact, this is also all garment export enterprises. Faced with the predicament.

The culprit for this phenomenon is the recently rising domestic factor cost, and labor costs are the first to bear. Zhong Shan, the deputy minister of the Ministry of Commerce, said at a recent “2012 China Foreign Trade Situation Report” that our labor costs have been significantly higher than those of neighboring countries. The average manufacturing wage in Vietnam is now about 1,000 yuan per month. India It is about 600 yuan, and the eastern coast of China is probably between 2,500 yuan and 3,000 yuan.

“Vietnam, India and other places have a cheaper labor force and our products are under greater competitive pressure.” Ren Quanyuan, general manager of Jinan Yuanshou Knitting Co., Ltd. told this reporter that the company had increased its salary by 20% last year to stabilize employees.

“From the year of last year to this year, the entire cotton textile industry has been very difficult to be affected by the international situation and labor shortage. 70% of the company's profit margin is below 0.7%, which is lower than the bank interest rate.” The person in charge of Hubei Xiaomian Industry Group told the reporter. .

Under multiple pressures, the domestic enterprises' living conditions are worrying. In 2011, there were more than 100,000 Chinese garment companies, of which 10,400 were above-scale enterprises, and SMEs accounted for about 90% of the total number of companies. Chinese textile companies are important carriers of "Made in China" and are deeply influenced by external markets. Due to the economic downturn, European countries and the United States have also begun to carefully select China's representative processing companies while strengthening their industries. Many Chinese textile companies have been suspended or even shut down.

According to the survey, in 2011, more than 30% of textile and garment enterprises in Jiangsu and Zhejiang closed down. In Dongguan, Zhejiang, Zhejiang Wenzhou and other domestic textile and garment market, the tide of closures is even more serious.

Even survival is difficult, and manufacturers only dump goods at all costs.

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