The leather industry is deeply trapped in CRM to help the leather industry surging in adversity

According to relevant news reports, the total global leather demand is about 100 million square meters, which is equivalent to the production of 300 million leather (standard hides). However, only China's leather output is equivalent to nearly 70 million standard leathers, accounting for approximately 23.33 percent of global leather production. %. It can be seen that the market potential of leather and its products is quite large. However, how to further develop the potential of the leather market has become a pressing problem.

Although China's leather market has great potential and is a world leader in leather production, it is not a leather power. In terms of quality and value, it is still in a weak position and needs to be further tempered and improved in the big environment of this market. The first thing to improve is the outdated management mechanism of the leather industry. With high-tech and perfect management methods of the leather industry, it has become an inevitable trend of reform to embark on the road of informationization. With the rise of eight hundred passengers, UFIDA and other CRM management software providers, the managers of the leather industry saw the dawn.

The leather industry is in deep trouble. The financial crisis has had a great impact on the world. At the end of last year, the export business of Guangzhou Shoes City was completely affected. For many trading companies and stalls in Guangzhou Shoes City, Russia has always been a very large and strong market, but under the financial crisis, market demand has been shrinking. Under the condition of a global economic downturn, the overall market demand has dropped, making the overcapacity situation of Chinese companies gradually exposed.

When various problems are exposed, the turning point of the market will come. From September last year to the first half of this year, it was a period of full-blown market problems. The main manifestations were: stalls were closed, demand fell, leather prices began to decline, old customers were lost, but new customers did not see the door, etc. Merchants are forced to withdraw from the market. The turning point of the market will be firmly grasped. With the further adjustment of the price of leather materials, especially the decline in foreign leather prices, the maximum decline rate has reached 2 yuan/CF, which has affected the pattern of the domestic leather market. Faced with this situation, many leather companies are in a difficult position. However, if we want to seize the market's turning point and break the predicament, reform and innovation are the last resort.

CRM helps the adversity of the leather industry to soar and reform is the king, then how do leather companies use CRM to reform and innovate? Following with the author to find out:

1、Statistical information CRM for the leather market diagnosis through the deployment of online CRM system, you can view the detailed sales order details, for example: from the beginning of the business opportunity input, storage, out of the library, the corresponding payment and return details will be done in detail record of. In this way, not only at a glance, but also at the same time, the company can find out the reason for the return, calculate the market demand, and then develop a reasonable marketing plan.

In addition, a series of processes from the beginning to obtain business opportunity details to resource conversion and generate orders will help sales personnel manage information through sales funnels and make quick and correct decisions. This in turn provides protection for the company's sales performance and turnover.

2, inventory inventory CRM build a strong backing inventory is an important guarantee for product sales, how to grasp the inventory situation, to maintain the supply of products at the same time do not produce slow-moving it? Let's take a look at how to properly plan inventory through the CRM system.

With the help of the CRM system, companies can take orders for purchases and sales, and then automatically generate relevant Invoicing reports. Through the report, we can: inventory management, inventory count, inventory product split combination (can be used for conversion between different quantities of the same kind of goods), inventory early warning, inventory adjustment, inventory loss reporting, etc. inventory management, reasonable storage, Makes the product can supply in time and does not produce the situation of unsatisfactory sales, creating a strong product backing for the demander.

3, standardize the performance of CRM for companies to eliminate "internal concerns"

By deploying the 800APP-CRM system, statistical information can be analyzed for market conditions, and the quality of the leather can not meet the requirements for commissioning modification and reprocessing, inventory can be counted, and the system can be automatically managed in the form of “out-of-warehouse deduction, inventory deduction”. However, the production of leather cannot be separated from the support of employees. It is a difficult task to manage a large team. In terms of personnel management, what does CRM do?

The registered employee information can be managed through the CRM system. With this module, employees can apply for leave requests, business trip applications, fee approvals, and salary details. This helps the company to count employee attendance and commission, thereby improving the company's sales performance. At the same time, it adopts transparent management, clear penalties and fair competition for the sales results, which in turn motivates the employees' self-motivation, and then cuts off the management problems of the company, solves “internal problems”, and develops at full speed.

Through the deployment of the 800APP-CRM system, the leather industry uses CRM's market management, sales management, performance management, warehouse management, procurement management, sales funnels and other functions to break through the management bottleneck, reform the internal management mechanism, and eliminate "internal concerns". To make enterprise management informatization, and then fully attack the market, occupy market share.

Through a series of reforms and innovations, the Chinese leather industry has initially formed a number of special areas and specialized markets for leather production with specialization, clear division of labor and outstanding characteristics. It is believed that through the CRM system, adjustment and optimization of the management structure will certainly help. The leather industry lays the foundation for development.

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