China Textile City: A slight increase in the sales of fabrics in the corresponding year in Longnianchun City

Since the traditional trading area of ​​China Textile City, Longnianchun City, opened in the eighth month of the first month of the month, market transactions have shown upward momentum, with spring fabrics gradually increasing in popularity, and the sales volume of counterfeit creative fabrics has gradually increased. Some spring creative fabrics were introduced locally, and local merchants placed orders in batches. Some pre-store-back-factory fabric companies and industry-trade integration professional operators increased the volume of spring-to-seam fabric batch orders.

The number of orders for the Spring Festival of the Year of Dragon increased slightly, and the transaction of counterpart fabrics rose. Some fabrics that have been processed and delivered on the eve of the Spring Festival have been shipped so far. In the spring and summer, women's polyester FDY artificial silks such as chiffon, pongee, summer spinning silk, washed velvet printing and dyeing products were first batched by counterpart merchants or Order. Some of the finished fabrics have been sent for entry into the city to be piled up for sale. Some of the finished fabrics have been queued up at the rolling point in advance, and others have been directly considered by the merchants to negotiate price preparations. Some batches have been customized on the eve of the Spring Festival. At present, the group is speeding up to send to counterparts.

In the traditional market of China Textile City, the number of vehicles delivered in and out of the traditional market increased, and the arrival of grey fabrics in the spring and summer increased significantly. The main raw materials of satin, light spinning, five satin and dull FDY yarns based on polyester FDY with light silk were the main raw materials. Spinning, Chun Yafang, summer spinning silk, washed cashmere and other fabrics increased locally. Some of the unlined polyester silk clothing fabrics were relatively abundant in the market, and some of them were batches that the market operators needed to purchase in advance, and some of the fabric manufacturers had already brought in grey fabrics for promotion. Due to the increase in the purchase of grey fabrics by operators in China textile city market, each batch will soon be subscribed by market operators. They are respectively bought into the respective warehouses by market operators, and a few batches are directly transported to the printing and dyeing factories for waiting in line. Proofing or staining.

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