China's high-end baby brand i-baby dazzled 2012CBME pregnant baby show

July 18-20, the 12th International Pregnancy Baby Products Fair (CBME) was held. As the largest and most professional pregnancy show in Asia, CBME attracts more than 2,000 brands from around the world and home to more than 150,000 professional visitors. During the show, the i-baby high-end baby brand dress appearance (W2 Hall C19 booth), with its unique palace-style booth design, high-quality baby products, the famous movie star Zhou Yun endorsement, highlight the i-baby brand's noble temperament, Become the focus of many audiences stop, praised by customers from home and abroad. Elegant atmosphere of the booth i-baby everywhere everywhere noble into the exhibition hall, i-baby booth of more than 100 square meters of atmosphere, beautiful, noble and elegant, for many viewers "love at first sight." The exhibition, i-baby demonstrated its "first birth space" and "children's dress world famous" two major categories. i-baby "Firstborn Space" is devoted to creating a safe and healthy growth environment for 0-3 year-old babies, including "living space" consisting of famous European and American crib and i-baby bedding, , Such as the burial bed won the German Furniture Design Award, Swarovski Crystal Shaker bambolina, Australia's ecological crib boori; by the world's stroller brand "mobile space", such as Norway's top stroller stokke, the British Royal Stroller Silver Cross ICandy, a sleek and sleek stroller, and the exclusive Italian high-end stroller cam (camouflage), which were exclusively for the i-baby in 2012, have been carefully nurtured to raise children's elegance and promote intellectual development. An array of people in the pavilion An array of products "world famous children's dress" is to create "tomorrow's gentleman and lady" as the mission for today's i-baby launched a series of noble children's dresses, such as Italian girls fashion Lesy dress, Spain Princess Queen dress graci, children's wear world-renowned boy suit malip, etc., so that children attend official occasions to get more attention, to win more appreciation and confidence. In addition to the "first birth space" and "world famous children's dress," two major categories, i-baby also introduced a new high-tech products. According to i-baby Chief Brand Officer Dawn introduced: During this exhibition i-baby grand launch NASA spacesuit temperature control patented technology - the balance of hot and cold Outlast "space cotton" material. Outlast "Space Cotton" Application In the i-baby2012 fall / winter bedding sets, sleeping bags, mattresses, bedsheets, Outlast series of products can automatically adjust the temperature, to provide the baby with heat balance, so that the baby to reduce overheating and night sweats, so that the baby Have a more comfortable sleep. Not lukewarm, constant temperature, let your baby have a healthy and comfortable sleep. Beautiful window display famous movie star Zhou Yun endorsement Zhou Yun endorsement i-baby interpretation of noble connotation i-baby booth famous movie star Jiang Wen director lady - Zhou Yun posters to the audience smile. In her image of the temperament, elegant and cordial and graceful perfect set in one, and i-baby's brand "noble" spirit very much. In 2012, Zhou Yun officially became i-baby brand image spokesman, with her noble temperament to interpret i-baby's brand spirit: let the noble growth of the next generation! By Zhou Yun's portrait endorsement, i-baby brand getting better, causing a wider range of social concerns, its brand concept and the resulting modern maternal and child lifestyles, are increasingly subject to high-end consumer families and new generation parents The favor and love.

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