Confident and elegant nature. GEN. Jane ladies

GEN follows Jane's romantic and intellectual femininity and his rich artistic conception, which not only possesses the trend of confidence and elegance, but also understands the true meaning of leisure and leisure. A combination of intellectual and casual dressing method, the color, touch, interesting elements clever fusion, romantic, elegant, simple, confident, and you come by surprise. A combination of intellectual and casual style of fashion dressing.
自信优雅浑然天成 GEN.简女装
[Modeling] Highlight the female curve charm, elongated slender body contour
[Material] 100% US cotton, light sense of fiber, smart fabrics ... exquisite detail, carefully selected
[Coat] simple and stylish, highlight the female curve charm, with the temperament, moderate flow
[Jacket] Slim self-cultivation, the proportion of perception and graceful body perfect fit
[T-shirt] artistic temperament, exquisite local, reserved Zhang Yang, exposed creativity
[Pants] to beautify the buttocks and legs curve, slender legs, beautiful slender
[Cardigan] soft yarn, contrasting multiple fabrics, let the body fall in love with this cozy
[Accessories] shoes, soft bags, scarves, accessories, casual fashion with

Fashion minimalism, Japan's first-line trends for the planning base, in the forefront of fashion, women's unique style to create clothes.

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