Jane Austrian brand women's intellectual urban white-collar fashion wardrobe

Jinaoe is a subordinate to the Hong Kong designer brand, her performance of romantic fashion, legendary interpretation of passion, the trend swept across the land of Europe. Jinaoe is more than just a name, it represents the basic core of the brand philosophy with Radical, Ideal and Good. Natural and stylish personality as a design concept, to achieve a distinctive style of products, full of passion and full of vitality.


Jinaoe is a brand dedication by a team of creative and passionate designers, each designed with unique ingenuity, the designers through the excellent fashion insight and creativity, the perfect combination of style and fabric, rendering Give you a different dressing experience. It insisted on the practicality of design, but also continue to create the trend, breaking the routine but also continue to be an exclusive fashion into reality. Let every person who appreciates creativity to easily try personalized brand, it will give you an exclusive personalized tag.

简奥品牌女装  都市知性白领的时尚衣橱

Using cotton, linen, all wool, fiber, spandex, Lycra and other fabrics, adhering to the European "fashion, atmosphere, classics," into the East "subtle, elegant" to "noble, refined, simple" apparel.

Attracting the popular messages from world-famous fashion capitals such as Paris, Italy, Milan in the United States, New York in the United States, Seoul in the United States, Tokyo in Japan, Hong Kong, China and other places, it integrates the eastern and western cultures and infuses both the latest international fashion elements and Asian women's body features Aesthetic custom.

25-38 years old urban fashion, intellectual white-collar women as the main favorite crowd.

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