Clever use of cloth to make up space defects

In modern homes, fabric is known as the glamour "soft dress." Of course, this concept is defined relative to the "hard" decoration. Curtains, sofa covers, tablecloths, etc. can be called fabrics, including shades, coasters, telephone sets, and the like. Clever use of fabric can make up for some of the shortcomings of the room type, so that the shortcomings can be used to avoid weaknesses, and the beautiful places are icing on the cake. So how do you cleverly use fabric to make up for space defects?
Pull up the living room space
Decorate the walls and windows with intense vertical stripes and patterns, and contrast with the walls with striking plain curtains or lift curtains to make the living room look taller and increase overall comfort.
If you choose a more plain curtain, then the sofa fabric can be greatly rendered. Conversely, the curtains with thicker colors are suitable for matching the plain sofa fabric.
The color of the living room curtains is best selected from the color of the sofa pattern. For example, white Italian sofas are often decorated with pink and green patterns, and curtains may be pink or green.
Short and narrow room
Use a striking pattern on the narrow ends. For example, a curtain that is coordinated with the wall decoration can be used at one end of the room, and a decorative curtain can be installed at the other end; the ground can be defined by a well-defined pattern, such as a small carpet or a trim strip placed on the floor; Using the contrast and contrast of the material, it is recommended to place a carpet that emphasizes softness on the floor with wood, ceramic or vinyl.
Widening a narrow room
Use a straight line pattern to make the narrow room look wider. This effect can be achieved by choosing a bedding pattern with a horizontal pattern and a white and blue cross-bar rug on the floor.
The advantage of cloth art is that it can change color, pattern, and sometimes whim, depending on personal preference or season. You can also add some embroidering by yourself, or stitch some cute and cute patterns to increase the three-dimensionality of the plane layout.
Covering the room pattern
Sometimes the spatial pattern is inevitably unsatisfactory, and when the hard technical means can not be solved, it is advisable to use brightly colored fabric furniture, and with a bold pattern of bags, curtains, carpets, etc., to artificially create a space atmosphere, making people artificial The warm layout is attractive, ignoring the inadequacies of the room. It is possible to use a cloth with a bold pattern or a light-absorbing property to make a curtain or a cover to cover a place where the interior is not beautiful.
Make the space look petite
Use contrast. Use rough or fluffy materials, soft and fluffy materials, and materials with absorbable texture to decorate the floor and walls, while windows use a large number of contrasting materials.
The fabric of the living room is mainly concentrated on the walls, curtains, sofas, cushions and the ground. Generally, it should be unified and uniform in style. If you can arrange around a theme, it is more ideal. However, it should be noted that it is not advisable to leave the impression that the fabric is piled up in large quantities. It is necessary to have high-quality, weighty furniture or artwork to "press the axis".
Set off the beautiful background of the living room
Generally speaking, the living room is a room with a large space in the home, and the windows are relatively large. Now most of the living rooms in the family have floor-to-ceiling windows, so the large-length curtains have become one of the protagonists of the living room decorations. The choice of living room curtains should be subject to the overall decoration style of the home. The style, flower shape and color should correspond to the styles, flower shapes and colors of other decorations. For example, furniture, wallpaper, etc.
Use contrasting patterns and plain objects to create a contrasting backdrop. For example, the pattern on the transparent curtain, under the illumination of the light, if there is nothing, the dream is blurred, bringing a different romantic feeling of dreams. Such as the pure red sofa sitting pier to render the atmosphere of the space, so that the white base color is no longer faint, showing a vibrant vitality and full of vitality. The window and the bag with high color and high purity give the room a lively and youthful atmosphere.
Make the room brighter
With a small pattern, the fabric is relatively loose, and the fabric has a geometric print cloth, which gives a spacious feeling. Try to unify the patterns on the wall decorations and the curtains, so that the space can be penetrated in a sense of transparency. Choose glossy reflective fabric to decorate walls, ceilings and wood furniture. Use a transparent thin fabric or slatted shutters to add sparkling metal to the furniture or lining.
In addition, the indoor light can be artificially created. For rooms with a large window opening rate, it is possible to use different patterns of yarn curtains, so that when the light penetrates, the light and shadow will change, making the space level rich. If such space does not require privacy or shading, a single layer of window screening is sufficient.
Highlight different functionalities
The biggest purpose of curtains is to protect privacy. Different areas of the room have different standards for privacy requirements. For public activities such as the living room, the privacy requirements are relatively low. Most living rooms will open the curtains. Therefore, the curtains in the living room mainly serve as decorative functions. For the privacy-conscious areas such as bedrooms and restrooms, people not only need to look at them. Not even, even the shadow can not be seen, which requires consumers to consider the difference in privacy of each area when choosing different curtains. For example, some translucent curtains can be selected in the living room, while some thicker curtains should be used in the bedroom.
For the audio-visual room or study, a very important function of choosing soft wall and carpet is to absorb sound, absorb noise from the outside, and effectively enhance the reverberation effect in the room, which is beneficial to improve the indoor sound environment. They can help create a quiet environment, and if you choose a dark tone, the whole atmosphere will become more serious.

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