The textile industry needs to improve its technological level

The textile industry needs to improve its technological level In the long-term rapid development of China's textile industry, many contradictions and problems have been accumulated, such as the weak ability of independent innovation, which hinders the development and application of new products and new technologies and enhances the core competitiveness; again, exports of textile and apparel products are still affixed. The main processing is licensing; the development of high-tech and functional fibers lags behind and the industrial chain has not yet been formed; high-performance textile machinery equipment mainly relies on imports.

The above-mentioned contradictions and problems, in the final analysis, are due to the lack of scientific and technological R&D and management capabilities of enterprises, resulting in a sharp decline in external demand, intensified domestic demand competition, difficulties in business operations, increased losses, and a grim employment situation. China's textile industry has been caught for years. The dilemma encountered. To find the best in the textile industry, analyze how companies break the deadlock in development, break through key points, and subvert the future direction of the textile industry. From the company's core - products, and high-tech technology, research and development can be perfect aseptic textile products, took the first step to overturn.

Starting from the core technical requirements for sterile textile products, the following criteria must be met: The antibacterial rate is greater than 99%: The antimicrobial inhibition rate can reach 99% or more by any authoritative organization at home and abroad. Purely physical, zero dissolution. The result of the release test of textile products by an authoritative organization is zero. Indicates that 100% reached the physical mode of antibacterial. The human skin does not come in contact with any harmful substances, thus realizing a truly safe bacteriostatic effect, making consumers safer and more secure.

After 50 washes, the antibacterial rate was still greater than 99%. After repeated washing 50 times, the inhibitory rate of the textile products by the authoritative organization showed that the antibacterial rate still exceeded 99%. The large-scale application of net bacterium technology - mass production of sterile textile products. The company can apply the bacterium bacterium technology to the large-scale production of aseptic textiles. Otherwise, the genus bacteria technology can only stay in the laboratory. It cannot turn science and technology into productivity, and people still cannot use aseptic textile products in the true sense. The stable and sustainable application of the bacterium bacterium technology provides quality assurance, and the upstream and downstream industrial chain integration of production companies provides production assurance.

After the large-scale production of aseptic textile products, the products are strictly tested; the aseptic textile products produced by the company should be able to accept all the standards of aseptic textile products produced by any authoritative organization at home and abroad at any time. The detection method is random sampling. Testing. Subvert the second step of the textile industry, the study of aseptic textile brands and aseptic textile products companies.

The reform and development of the textile industry, based on aseptic textiles, rising brands, and high levels of enterprises, these three will be the future direction of development, leading the textile industry subversion. In the textile industry, companies are excellent representatives of aseptic textiles and are also key companies. After obtaining the "RICHTLINIEN" fiber bacterium technology from Fengtai, Hong Kong, the company officially became the first company to use and promote the "RICHTLINIEN" fiber bacterium technology in mainland China to realize the brand operation of high-end aseptic textile products. This will turn sterile textile products from a dream into reality and create a feat for humans to enter the age of aseptic textiles.

The mere existence of high-quality products, without an excellent brand and overall industrial chain support, can not make a qualitative change in the textile industry, and it is even more difficult to increase textiles into high-value-added products. From sterile products to aseptic textile brands and aseptic textile companies, companies have revolutionized the textile industry step by step.

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