How to quickly identify the pros and cons of the glass film?

[China Glass Network] Many consumers choose the automotive glass film by simply comparing the performance parameters of the glass film. These performance parameters include what we often call visible light transmittance, thermal insulation rate, infrared blocking rate, UV blocking. Rate and so on. With these parameters alone, can you judge the quality of the glass film? In fact, the answer is no. As a leader in the glass film industry, Johnson Glass film believes that for the average consumer, some of the intuitive properties of the glass film can better help consumers identify the pros and cons of the film, including: clarity Degree, smell, feel, color, warranty period, film packaging, etc., then how to quickly identify the advantages and disadvantages of the glass film, now let the United States Johnson (Johnson) glass film tell you:

1, observe the clarity

The clarity of the car film is an important indicator to ensure the safety of driving. Regardless of the color of the film, please pay attention to whether the outer contour of the article is clear through the film glass; the inferior film may have a misty feeling or even cause the outer contour of the article to be deformed; the high-quality film has a very high definition regardless of the color depth. There will be no foggy phenomenon with unclear vision.

2, touch by hand

The feel of the high-quality film touched by hand is thick and smooth, while the inferior film is different, and the hand feels thin and brittle.

3, see the color

The high-quality film pigment is uniformly blended in the film, durable, not easy to change color, and will not be discolored by the scraper in the process of sticking; the color of the inferior film is in the adhesive glue, tearing the car After lining the film, scrape it with your nails and the color will fall off.

4, smell smell

When the high-quality glass film tears the lining, there is basically no smell; when the inferior film tears the lining, it will emit a very pungent smell, its quality is not good and the performance of the mounting glue used is not stable enough.

5, check if blistering

When the plastic lining of the film is torn off, and then recombined, the inferior film will foam, and the high-quality film will be as good as before.

6, inspection of scratch resistance

The high-quality film surface has a layer of anti-scratch layer, which can protect the film surface from being scratched under normal use; if there is no anti-scratch layer protection, the film will be scratched by the tool when the film is applied. Reduced clarity will also seriously affect the life of the film. You can use your nails to scrape back and forth on the glass film (non-lining). If you can easily hang the scratches, it must not be a good quality glass film.

7, to ensure the warranty period

This is the shelf life that we must confirm when purchasing any product. The shelf life of the glass film is at least 5 years. The warranty period of the high quality film should be 8 years or the lifetime warranty.

8, check the outer packaging

The glass film imported from the United States is measured in inch sizes (inch inch and foot feet, such as: 60" x 100FT), otherwise it is never imported; in addition, the US original box uses the code nails and China's is not A standard, American package box nails should be slightly wider and longer, more use is red copper; in addition, if the outer box is of inferior quality, or even "naked bag" (white or kraft paper color, above There is no English, and there is no mark of the origin of MadeinUSA. It is definitely not the glass film imported from the United States. Later, it is very important that there is no English address on the car box. If there is any indication, please check the Internet. If the brand does not even have a formal English website, then it must not be a glass film product imported from the United States.

At present, there are many brands in the market, we must understand the brand and manufacturers of the film, can not completely listen to the business. American Johnson (Johnson) glass film suggests that the owner should not only choose the brand of the film when choosing the film, but also understand the production area of ​​the film, but also pay attention to the quality of the film. The owner of the film is also better at the 4S shop or regular car beauty shop film when filming. At present, Johnson Johnson Film is the leader in the film industry in China. Its distributor in China is the president of China Window Film Association. The international brand and the introduction of central enterprises, you can trust!

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