Dolce & Gabbana baby clothing 2015 spring and summer new

Dolce & Gabbana’s two designers, Mr. Dolce and Mr. Gabbana, love Chinese culture and are impressed with their unique beauty, history and customs. Therefore, they used China as their inspiration to design a limited collection of girls' clothes, which perfectly combined the essence of Italian brands with the charm of the East, and performed creative contrasts to send warm wishes to the little girl. Dolce & Gabbana released the 2015 spring/summer children's wear collection, continuing the gorgeous patterns and retro lace of the ready-to-wear clothes. Adding size and wave points is even more innocent and romantic. Is it already very exciting?

Surgical Packs

The surgical packs consists of a large cloth, a surgical sheet and a methylene bag, and other surgical accessories are added according to the requirements of the operation.Surgical laying-sheet is the core of the whole operation package. According to years of foreign clinical experience, the design concept and production process of surgical laying-sheet are more in line with the actual needs of the operation and can protect patients and medical staff more effectively.Its main characteristics are good water-repellent (water-repellent non-woven cloth), good water-absorbent (water-absorbent non-woven cloth), high hydrostatic pressure, good flexibility, less floc, imported adhesive tape (non-allergic), anti-static, anti-alcohol, anti-plasma, anti-oil and other advantages.Special surgical instruments designed and manufactured by a medical device manufacturer and stored in a special handbag or case, that is, a special surgical instrument package.Secondly, the dressing formed by packing and disinfecting the medical instruments needed for special operations in the hospital operating room is called the operating bag, which has the characteristics of variability.All kinds of operations can be carried out in hospitals, and the surgical instruments used in different operations are different.So, in a hospital operating room, there are all kinds of operating kits..It's disposable because it can't be sterilized and reused.Its main function is to be used in surgical operations, especially for patients with infectious diseases, but also can be used in the field and other surgical operations that do not have disinfection conditions.

hospital surgical packs

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