Eifini Evli Women's 2015 spring and summer new romantic 邂逅 "New England Style"

The combination of stylish modern and fun sports is nowadays the most popular style of IN, full of personality and modern temperament. Eifini's new "New England" series is a combination of rich and varied Scottish check, excellent fabrics and simple self-cultivation design. Fashion modern and fun sports elements, continue the natural, elegant, noble tone, breakthrough fashion interpretation, and promote a more relaxed, more stylish modern life attitude.

Tips: 8 sleeves eyes brooch suit

Tips: Sports Contrast Color Loose Muscle Dress

Create a different modern style of intellectual modernity.

Tips: two sets of permeability sense jacket shirt

Tips: small A wild waist skirt

The transparent design brings a sense of mystery and playfulness, blending stylish colors, elegant and natural to highlight youthful vitality.  

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