Three taboos in the design of TV background wall in art glass decoration

The living room TV background wall should be a more important part of the living room decoration. The BRICS empire wall art glass brick reminds you that in the home decoration design, the living room style should show the owner's personality hobby and be combined with the house space. In addition to meeting the functions of the living room, the decoration of the living room should also consider the room decoration materials, main color, texture, lighting, and furniture style.


The brick wall empire background art glass brick said: the TV background wall is the wonderful place of the whole living room, like the finishing touch, is the highlight of the whole living room. The design of the TV background wall should be based on the overall decoration style and the size of the apartment and the preferences and requirements of the owner. The design method is also ever-changing and diverse.


Three bogey:

(1) TV background wall avoid sharp corner living room decoration design TV background wall should try to avoid sharp corner design, especially triangle. It is necessary to prevent it from forming a "ç…ž" phase. Try not to make a meaningless and messy segmentation of the theme wall, otherwise it will cause the family to be nervous, restless, and seriously endanger your health. The background wall of the TV set should adopt a circular, curved or straight line with no edges and corners as the main shape. It contains the meaning of perfection, which makes the family happy and beautiful.

(2) TV background wall decoration plants, flowers bogey withered, withered flowers can create a beautiful, warm atmosphere for the living room. However, if the flowers are withered or withered, they should be cleaned up in time to avoid damaging the home feng shui. After the flowers in the vases of the water are inserted, care should be taken to keep the freshness of the flowers, and the plants will wither and change. TV background wall decoration plants are better to choose round broad-leaf evergreen plants, such as sea otters, rich bamboo, golden geese, etc., to help the wealth to set off fortune, and secondly to add blessings. In this way, you need to carefully maintain it, and often wipe the leaves to keep it clean. Plants and flowers on both sides of the TV cabinet, because of the key to the location, should pay attention to this problem.

(3) If the TV cabinet is too long, if it is too long, it will cause waste of space and cause inconvenience to life. Some families have made TV cabinets very long, putting the two main speakers of the home theater on top. This is not desirable in Feng Shui because the speakers and TV opportunities interact.



(1) TV background wall decoration should be high Traditional home Feng Shui thinks that the high is the mountain, the lower is the water, and the mountain has the water to produce the auspicious effect. The high TV background wall in the living room is a mountain, and the low sofa is water, which is an ideal match.

(2) The short wall cabinet under the TV background wall should be filled with plants. If the living room area is large, the cabinet placed under the TV background wall is very short, forming too many empty spaces on both sides of the cabinet and too empty, from the traditional home environment In terms of it, it is not conducive to the accumulation of Jiqi. In this case, the broad-leaved plants such as rubber trees, rich trees, brown bamboo and other plants can be used to fill the space on both sides, which is very helpful for lucky.

(3) TV background wall and TV cabinet should be placed in Wangfang. In terms of housing, the orientation of the TV background wall is very important. Because of its high frequency of use and high energy when starting up, it is a dynamic item, so it should be It is placed in Wangfang, which is good for family business. In particular, there are some friends whose numerology is not suitable for placing the TV background wall decoration on the side of the party. This should be treated differently during the decoration design.


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