Pink Mary Pink Women? Spring 2015 New Products

Pink Mary Pink Spring? Inspired by Impressionist Claude Monet in the spring and summer of 2015, he focused on the harmony of colors. Flowers, such as pink, elegant brown, orange and aquamarine, were scattered among them and displayed a natural visual rhythm. .

In the spring and summer of 2015, Pink Mary Pinkma came up with elegant colors and elegant colors. The full tulip tutu is elegant, and the silky printed fabrics are dazzling! This season is also full of French style? R still style, whether it is a gorgeous printed skirt, or fruit-like summer accessories and crocodile bags, embellished in the minimalist lines, revealing a contemporary romantic atmosphere.

Aristocratic elegance and modern elegance are our main purposes. We will pursue the ultimate in craftsmanship as our means of maintaining product characteristics to stringent requirements, and pursue and create brand-new brand concepts.

Metallic Tulle Fabric

Network Metallic Tulle Mesh,100% Polyester Metallic Tulle,Metallic Yarn Fabric,Pleated Metallic Tulle