Dr. Shoes: How to identify shoes

[This site - shoes and life] to buy a pair of shoes, how to identify their advantages and disadvantages? Let this website shoes Dr. Weapons:

High quality cloth shoes

(1) Upper: The quality of the upper fabric is of great importance to the quality of the entire shoe. There are no weaving spots on the high-quality shoe fabrics, and the surface is smooth and clean. Place the shoes in parallel on a well-lit counter to observe the slivery, grid-like uppers that can be used to shield the strips. The squares are straight and straight, and the dyeing is consistent. Corduroy, velvet and other high quality vamps are reversed and uniform, dense and even. In addition, the helper and the folder are clean and free of dirt, including even and even pulp.

The tops of the high-quality cloth shoes are narrow and consistent, and the joints are placed on the back of the shoes. The mouth cannot afford to lift up the corners, do not wrinkle, and the forks are the same. The stitches of the upper stitches are even and tidy, not skewed, without jump stitches, missing stitches and the bottom line pulled out. For the joints of the two-joint shoes, the elastic mouth, the elastic seams of the shoes, is a double stitch back and forth, the heel of the shoe is stitched and stitched, and the seam is straight.

(2) Examination of soles; there are many types of shoes soles with different thicknesses. In general, the cloth soles of high-quality cloths are firm and firm, and the needles on the Nadi are even and neat; the plastic bottoms are smooth and flawless, and in particular, there are no defects such as air bubbles or voids in the flexed parts of the forefoot. The needle code of the nanowire is uniform, the brake wire is tight, and the bottom groove is intact. If the shoes are repeatedly bent with both hands, the sole can be found to be moderately flexible and free of cracks.

(3) Shoe body and assembly: Cloth shoes are hand-made, allowing certain errors. Generally, the length of the face of high-quality cloth shoes is not more than 3 mm, the difference between height and short is no more than 2 mm, and the heel is less than 3 mm. Ears crab claws (ear fan), crab shell size. The tongue length is in line with the opening. The length of a fork with a smashed shoe matches the length of the fork. The heels are neat, beautiful, and evenly spaced. The soles are neat, and each part is suitable for eating.

Bad shoes

(1) Upper: The fabric of the inferior fabric is rough, the stripes are uneven, and the upper and the shoe are wrinkled and yellow. The stitches of the upper stitches are skewed, jumpers, and broken lines, and the heel of the shoes has eye-opening and dew-pointing.

(2) Sole: Insufficient shoes have soft bottoms, uneven thickness, uneven stitching on the nano bottom, plastic bottom pattern is rough, bottom groove is damaged, there are holes, marks, etc., repeated bending the soles, there will be cracks.

(3) Shoe body and assembly, the length of the shoe face of the inferior cloth shoes, the difference between the high and low is obvious, and the visibility is obvious. The length of the tongue does not match the length of the mouth, the sole wall is skewed, the parts are inconsistent, and there is even a place to take it off. (This site - the most authoritative and most professional footwear information center. Next : Flat bottom is not necessarily healthy 4 kinds of shoes "most wounded")

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