IGO&EGO Ladies Grand Opening of Hangzhou Tower

On September 12th, IGO&EGO Women's Clothing Store Co., Ltd. officially opened a store in Hangzhou. Today, the company's latest image exhibition was in front of the audience.

Hangzhou Grand B is located in the commercial, cultural and transportation center of Hangzhou City. The martial arts trader of the martial arts company, Lanzhou, Lanzhou, etc. Saint Laurent Pairs, Loro Piana and other luxury brands have entered the Hangzhou Grand Prix B, the same r is also a collection of goods, stores, and business owners to return to the market. R's full range of merchandise products, high-end products, high-end features and services from the O implementation, is an all-round, diversified, multi-I Large SHOPPING MALL.



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☆ A one-off item counts RMB¥1,599 for an exquisite product.

One limit per client, when stocks last

☆ A one-off item counts RMB ¥2000 for a face value of 300 RMB.

The voucher can't be used anytime. You can use it for 15 winters and use one voucher for one piece of clothing.

☆ 20% off new products in fall in 15 years?

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Any customer service store can use it to complete the application process.

One-time purchase of goods and retail sales of RMB ¥1,000 will be reduced to VIP;

A one-time purchase of retail sales of RMB ¥2000 will be a 50% off VIP;

All holders of the Hangzhou Grand B Gold Card or the Stone Card can handle 10% off the card.


Hangzhou Lower City?^Wulin?V??Jia??BA Block 3F



2015 AW Bu Xin Yan?

In 2015 AW, it's natural to look natural, and naturally it looks like an o-shape. It's tangible, and it's the best way to make a flower, the basic method, and the most Rational means to integrate nature into the clothing industry, gaining deeper feelings, revealing the passion of the original culture, and pursuing a high quality product.

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