What is clothing accessories

Four explanations for garment accessories: The first explanation: Some people say that you pick up a piece of clothing, and besides fabrics and linings, you can say that it is a clothing accessory. This argument is not scientific. In fact, lining is the earliest clothing accessories.

The second explanation: It is also a popular explanation for clothing accessories on the Internet.

Clothing is a project, including production and design, in which the production process is divided into many parts. The most important part is the selection of materials, which are divided into fabric cloth and other accessories. The other accessories mentioned here are collectively referred to as garment accessories. It is an essential element in addition to fabrics to expand the function of clothing and decorative clothing, including: zippers, buttons, webbing, shoulder pads, lace, interlining, linings, hangers, tags, Accessories, moldings, draws, hooks, furs, trademarks, cords, fillers, plastic parts, metal fittings, boxes, bags, logos, barcodes, and other related items.

The third explanation: When it comes to clothing, all materials used in clothing other than fabrics are called garment accessories. Clothing accessories mainly include linings, linings, zippers, buttons, metal fasteners, tapes, labels, wadding, and dunnage, etc. in the market.

According to the different roles of clothing accessories in clothing, it can be divided into

1. Lining (cotton fiber lining, silk fabric lining, viscose fiber lining, acetate ester filament lining, synthetic fiber filament lining)

2. Lining (cotton cloth lining, linen lining, fur lining, horse tail lining, resin lining, fusible lining)

3, litter (breast pad, collar pad, shoulder pads, hip pads)

4, filler (clay filler, material filler)

5、Sewing thread (Cotton sewing thread, silk sewing thread, polyester sewing thread, polyester/cotton blended sewing thread, embroidery thread, gold and silver thread, special sewing thread)

6, fastening material (buttons, zippers, other fastening materials)

7. Other materials (band materials, decoration materials, marking materials, packaging materials) The fourth explanation: It is also our comprehensive understanding of clothing accessories. When consumers buy a new garment, everything except the fabric All of them are called garment accessories and generally include: lining, lining, padding, padding, trademarks, belts, sewing threads, fastening materials, and packaging materials.

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