Jewelry and whispers you have to say~

Women love jewellery. Each jewel has its own unique meaning. Women wear gems on them, and gems are always blessing you. Do you understand their greetings?

Jade = Guan Ai


This unchanging beauty is like the care of a lover at the moment. Although it has been through the years, it is still tempting. Jade is also a blessing of parents' love for their children, healthy and happy, and a lifetime of peace.

Diamond = Commitment


The lives of the two have been brought together since then, regardless of the wind and rain, always in the same boat. The diamond ring is the perfect dream of every woman. I hope to witness the diamond ring and let our love pass on from generation to generation.

Pearl = tolerance


The pearls are round and generous, with the essence of harmony and beauty. The beauty of pearls lies in accepting each other's shortcomings in a tolerant manner and treating this as part of the other's life. The road to love is too long, and the warmth is always the tolerance of the other side.

Platinum = treasure


Platinum is a precious gift of nature. Its three characteristics of rarity, purity and hardness make it an indispensable role in love. This kind of years of tempering still does not reduce the persistence of half-color, blooming a long-lasting beauty.

It is this kind of long-lasting flow of water and a grateful attitude that makes the journey of life of the lover shine with the unsettled stream of water.

Gold = trust


The brilliance of gold is appreciated by the world, and its firm and intrinsic interior makes it shine with unique charm. No matter what obstacles are encountered, the two sides still trust each other and stand in a gold-independent manner, sticking to the positions of love between the two sides. Just like contemporary women, living in a firm and elegant way, with trust to create a clear world for both sides.

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