2015 spring and summer women's trends: a word collar

The word collar suit. Dakota - Johnson wearing a black suit Dior word collar, handsome sexy and revealing sexy. Girls, they must be sexy. The white ruffled collar is gentle and sweet, and the trousers are smooth and stylish. The overall white tone makes the whole person look fresh and stylish. The word collar is not worldly sexy.

Waist Interlining

Waist Interlining is a kind of woven interlining ,specially used in waist of the trousers and skirt . It can make the waist fabric hard ,skid resistance,and setting the pattern .

It can be cutted to strip ,maybe 20mm ,or 30mm or 50mm to fit the clothes size .

Waist Interlining,Black Waist Interlining,Non Fusible Waist Interlining,TC Waist Interlining

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