Home service also want to play girlfriends installed sauce is love purple!

Good girlfriends, of course, to wear a girlfriend to wear together, but how light enough to go out, it is better to have love in the end, home service also play a girlfriend installed it! Xiao Bian today for everyone to bring some girlfriends home service, take your good girlfriends take a look at like it or not!


Ginger gentle and eye-catching, mint blue fresh, slightly relaxed version of the type of wear comfortable and breathable, with more convenient pants also avoid the embarrassment of walking, with the different colors of the home service has a little love and made a distinction, so Girlfriends wear home clothes, do you like it?

家居服也要玩闺蜜装 就是酱紫有爱!

If you think that paragraph above the home service is too hot, you can also try these two sister paper body body suit, cute cartoon print cute cute, age less refreshing, sleeveless design more cool and comfortable, with printed casual shorts to wear together , Cool and can show big legs, and with different colors also let you have some more options, so you can choose more suitable color of their own skin. (Photo source: romantic spring underwear )

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